Musings about plain text


One of the things I want to do is write more. Being easily distracted I want a plain text system where I can just write down what I am thinking without worrying too much about formatting ,etc

What I want to write about is programming (Python, R), statics, data analysis and still be able to read what I wrote ten, twenty years from now. If its worth reading is another question :-(

Plain text is the tool for this, in particular Markdown. Since I like the Python programming language, the blogging system Pelican is the tool for me.

I believe the combination of Markdown and Pelican will mean my plaintext data, unlike a twenty year old wordstar file will always be retrievable. .. Now if only I had something worthwile to write that I will still want to see in twenty years.

How to set up the system

First up a big thanks to MacDrifter. I am just catching up to him.

I am writing down what I need to do to get my website up to the standard I want and MacDrifter has not just already done it, but has written articles on how to do it. As I am reading through his experiences, some (OK, most) of what he has said I have now taken to be what I need

I particulary like the look of the MacDrifter site. What I want on my site is:

  1. A column at the right where I put

    • My link list of sites that I like
    • My latest pinboard links (so I can remember what I bookmarked)
    • A Tag cloud (it looks cool)
  2. On the Header I want:

    • About Me
    • Colophon
    • Projects
    • Archive

For the footer. I love the Plumage theme ... worth well copying!

  1. For each article or post:

I don't want categories. I like tags much more

Title time, and a link to the Multimarkdown file which produced the post

So for this post if I wrote it at 2am on May 2nd, 2014 I would want the post header to be

Automating Pelican Posts
too early on May 02, 2014 by Stephen

Where time is

    Midnight to 7am ... too early on
    7am to Midday ... morning of
    12:01pm to 6pm ... afternoon of
    18:01 to Midnight ... evening of

hmm, maybe not ... but this is my initial plan.

Useful links from MacDrifter that I will be using a guide to getting my site up and running:

More of MacDrifter:

These are good too: