My new PC

On Christmas day I purchased a new Shuttle XPC SB81P SFF (Small Form Factor) PC.
Well it has problems, specifically when you turn off the PC it will not power back on.
The fans start up and spin at around 50% making a lot of noise and that is it .. nothing happens.
If I turn off the PC at the back or unplug the powercable then turn on the PC again, same thing.
The solution is to wait 15 – 30 minutes before turning on the PC ! .. yes, that’s right ! bloody annoying.

So the PC will be going in for repair. The Shuttle Repair centre for Korea is:
Sales Manager
Ki-Young, Song
Digital Pious
214/5-2rd Gayul,19Dong Najin 15-3
Hangangro2ga, Youngsangu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 02-703-0350~1 handphone: 019-595-6534

I purchased the PC at:

Easy Tech
Yongsan Electronic Market
phone: 02-712-7932

The salesman was very friendly and helpful.

Christmas Day

Christmas without the family has no meaning 🙁
It is just another day, another day to go shopping.
So I went to Seoul. Caught the 9:30 am bus and arrived in Seoul around 2 pm. Went to COEX mall to pick up my Apple Ibook, but it was not ready for repair.
I had rung them on Wednesday or Thursday and they said it was ready to pick up. But when I got there they told me they were still waiting for a new mainboard.
They did send me an email on Thursday, but I missed it. So they promised to freight it down to me when it is ready. Postage in Korea is really cheap so that is not a big problem.
Went to Yongsan Electronic market and ended up purchasing a new computer. Then took the train to Seoul Express bus terminal and got the 9pm bus back to Ulsan.

Shuttle XP 81P Homepage

Read a review of the Shuttle XP81P

‘Fan Death’

INSIDE JoongAng Daily

Newspapers fan belief in urban myth

Another stiflingly hot summer has come and gone in Korea, and with it, the risk of dying by electric fan.
If you’ve never heard of death by electric fan, you’re probably not from here. Every summer, mainstream Korean newspapers carry reports of people dying after sleeping in a room with the electric fan on and the doors and windows closed.

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Korean Food

One of the constant carps by many in Korea is the lack of imports. The response to this by many Koreans is ?¢‚Ǩ?ìThings are changing fast!?¢‚Ǩ¬ù The reality however is mixed. Many consider it a bad sign for a city?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s restaurant culture if the best restaurants are in hotels. Korea, however can boast an even more dubious phrase, the some of the best restaurants in Korea are ran by the US Army.

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Korean swearing

Blinger: A linguistics & ESL Blog

he yells at me in Korean ?™¬??ì?¨?íÀÜ?´¬Å¬º?¨‚Ä¢¬º! mother fucker. I immediately grabbed him by his jacket, lifted him up and threw him down on the hood of his car while yelling at him ?´¬¨¬¥?¨?†¬® ?¨?íÀÜ?´¬Å¬º?¨‚Ä¢¬º! What kind of fucker, ?™¬??ì?¨?íÀÜ?´¬Å¬º?¨‚Ä¢¬º! mother fucker, ??‚Ä¢?ì?™¬µ¬??¨?íÀÜ?´¬Å¬º?¨‚Ä¢¬º! Korean fucker.
the translations here are not word for word translations but more of a translation of general meaning and intensity of the swears. While they may not be technically accurate I believe the emotional impact of the words are correct.

Won Kar Wai’s 2046

Zhang Ziyi looking very alluring in 2046

Won Kar Wai’s new movie 2046 is out. I am looking forward to seeing it. If it is like the prequel, In the mood for love then I will be happy.


He was a writer, He thought he wrote about the future but it really was the past. In his novel, a mysterious train left for 2046 ……. BORING and it gets worse

Basically the movie is about a man who thinks about all the women in his life. There are some Sci-Fi sub plots, but they are not important. It is a movie about relationships. The plot is a distant second. If you watch this movie looking for a great plot or action then you will be greatly disappointed. But if you like character driven movies, then 2046 is for you
The official site movie site. Better have broadband because it is one of those slow ‘artistic’ flash driven websites. I hate it.

Monkeypeaches review of 2046
This is a website I like. Quick, simple, lots of pictures and easy to read

Maggie Cheung in 2046. She is without a doubt my favorite chinese actress.

Internet Explorer is a piece of s##t !

Been trying to get my website working properly in

Internet Explorer 6
It has 95% of the market because it comes with Windows. In terms of features it is the worst browser on the market. Also great for adding spyware, and other junk onto your computer.
In fact I still have some addware on IE that I can’t get rid of. I hate this browser.
It is 2004 and it still does not support TABS ! how backward can you be?

Opera 7.60 beta
A great browser feature wise, very low memory footprint (less then firefox), does not render all pages correctly. A real power users browser. But it takes time to learn how to use it effectively as there are options for everything as well as themes

Mozilla Firefox 1.0
The darling of the geek community.
Designed by minimalists, so a little ugly, but saved by it extensions and themes. A vibrant community produces enough themes and extensions that you could easily waste half an hour a day playing with them all.
As to standards, it has them all, I love it ! The best browser for web development and if you have more then 256mb of RAM the best browser.
If you have less then I recommend either Internet Explorer or Opera because they use less memory.

S.Korea Hails Japanese Emperor’s Reference on Korean Kinship

S.Korea Hails Japanese Emperor’s Reference on Korean Kinship
At a press conference Sunday marking his 68th birthday, Akihito said that he “feels a certain kinship with Korea.”

Akihito said it was recorded in an eighth-century official history document, entitled Shoku Nihongi (Chronicles of Japan), that the mother of Emperor Kammu (736-806) was of the line of King Muryong who ruled the Paekche Kingdom, one of three ancient kingdoms of the Korean Peninsula in 501-523.

King Muryong had strong relations with Japan, and it was from his time that masters of the Five Chinese Classics (books on the teaching of Confucianism) were invited to Japan one after another to teach Confucianism, Akihito said.

In an apparent reference to Japan’s 1910-1945 colonial rule of the Korean peninsula, the emperor said “it is regrettable however that Japan’s exchanges with Korea have not all been of this kind. This is something that we should never forget.”