Library Books

Library Books is an Mac OS X application that tracks the library books you have borrowed.

Library Books connects to your library catalogue and downloads the list of books you have checked out. Then books are then displayed on the menu bar. You can then view the books you are currently borrowing in the menu bar as in the picture below from my computer.

Library Books.jpg

If you look carefully the green star next to the number 8 indicates 8 books on loan, the green star indicating I have one book on hold ready to pick up from the library.

If you have a Mac and regularly borrow books then this is a great application and the price is right.


First Aikido Lesson

Had my first Aikido lesson on Saturday. The style is Yoshinkan Aikido

Aikido (and Judo) are derived from Ju-Jitsu,

Ju-Jitsu incorporates all the strikes (kicks an punches) of Karate, the grappling (throws, locks, etc) of judo, weapon training and much more. Aikido eliminates all the striking, that is there is no punching or kicking and tries to resolve a fight by the use of throws, locks and pins. Off course this is a simplification have a look at the wikipedia entry for Aikido for more information, in particular Yoshinkan Aikido for the style I will be practising.

For more information read:

Yoshinkan Aikido


A rather good book on the subject is: