Wing Chun in Melbourne

As I mentioned in my last post I was looking for an activity to focus on for health reasons. Martial Arts provide an excellent focus for this.

The martial arts I am interested in are

I have done Hapkido before but now lack the passion for it, BJJ is ruled out too because of injuries. That leaves Wing Chun.

The Wing Chun schools in Melbourne that I know

Those based on William Cheung’s style of Tradional Wing Chun Kung Fu

Former instructors now running their own schools:

Sifu Danna Wong is a wonderful teacher.
I don’t know Sifu Joe Savah, but there is a lot about him on the internet
Sifu Julian de Boers and his wife run a nice school in the centre of Melbourne. Haven’t attended a class yet, but they were very friendly and he was a chief instructor under William Cheung before branching out on his own.

Wong Shun Leung way of Wing Chun Chinese Boxing

Tn the Wong Shun Leung way of Wing Chun Chinese Boxing or WSL Wing Chun for short is based on Wing Chun as taught by Sifu Wong Shun Leung.
The main instructors in Melbourne that are close to me are David Peterson (City) and Sifu Enzo Verratt (Brunswick)

Enzo’s school is only $85 per month! Bargain. David’s classes are about $110 per month
Off course cost alone is not the dominate factor in choosing a school.  

There are probably other schools of course and no doubt I have missed out on good schools close to me, but I shall be trying out classes with Julian de Boers, Enzo Verratt and David Peterson to see what suits me.

In search of a new physique

Recently I lost 5kg, but that was due to dental surgery and an inability to eat solid food. Not exactly a sustainable option, there are a a finite number of teeth.

So how to get that body I had when I was twenty?

Well, the hair is out of the question 🙁

At the time my average exercise week consisted of

  • Running 5km, six times
  • Weight Training 3 times
  • Eight or so Aerobic lessons
  • Two Taekwondo lessons

Now I just ride 5km to and from work. 🙁

Short of moving for a greater commute, the best option is to choose an exercise I think I would enjoy.

The answer? … Martial Arts

Health Update

Last Wednesday (11th Feb,2009) I had my back wisdom tooth and my baby tooth removed.

This caused some swelling as you can imagine. My first meal was

  • Peach
  • Apple
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • California Roll

But all put into a blender and mixed with orange juice!

Not exactly mouth watering, but nutritious