Melbourne by Bike Path

Melbourne by Bike Path – by David Blom
This trail shows the fantastic network of bike trails Melbourne has to offer. What David has worked out is a 600km loop path with no crossovers or up and backs and minimal on-road riding. Its pretty much all bike paths.

Cool … Raspberry Pi 4 is out

Key features:

Prices From Core Electronics (Australia) are:

  • 1GB AUD $59.95 
  • 2GB AUD $66.95 
  • 4GB AUD $94.95

No, we are not getting ripped off in Australia (well, not much). The Australian prices include 10% GST so a straight conversion of the 4GB US prices come to about $80, then you have to add 10% which makes it $88, which is not far from $94.95

The prices in the UK and US are:

  • 1GB – £33 / $35 vs AUD $55.95
  • 2GB – £43 / $45 vs AUD $66.95
  • 3GB – £53 / $55 vs AUD $94.95

What will I use it for?

  • VPN server for my home network
  • Retro Arcade Gaming
  • Media centre, especially since it can decode x265 streams
  • Computer Security test of my network

I purchased the 4gb version ($95), the USB_C power supply and the Pi 4 case

UP Bank

I just heard about a new bank called “Up Bank”, 20 minutes later I had an UP Bank debit card in my Apple Pay wallet.
A fantastical user experience – The future of banking is looking up

Highly likely I will have transferred my business from ING Direct (which I still like) to UP Bank. The only things I don’t like about UP Bank are:

  • No Credit cards (only savings and a transaction account at moment)
  • If you lose your phone, you lose access to your account because there is no web portal (it’s coming soon) The only way you can interact with your account is via the app either on the phone or on a Apple Watch.

But the features offered have sold me, and their roadmap for 2019 has everything I wanted and more.