Flickr, K2 Theme and WordPress Integration

I have been experimenting with Flickr, a photo sharing website and how best to integrate it into my blog.

My blog software is WordPress 2 and I use the FAlbum plugin and the K2 theme which makes integrating Flickr much easier.

So far the Photos page works wonderfully. Now you can look at my Flickr sets from my website, but for some reason the sidebar preview does not work correctly other then in Firefox.


Just finnished watching the Shogun mini series from 1980. What a blast, a lot of fun.

Time to go to bed, in five hours I have to be ready for a 40 – 60 km bike ride with the local MTB club. Then after that to the gym and a spa and sauna.


Just finnished watch the entire first series of Lost.

I love it. Such a great show.

I decided that the characters I hate the most, commit their sins because of one common factor, love!
One for the love of a woman and her child, the other for his son.

I have now caught up to series two, having just finnished watching Episode 12.
Series two is every bit as good as the first, I just hope that unlike the X-Files this series finishes with a clear storyline intact rather then making stuff up as they go along b/c they never expected the series to last so long.

Last Weekend

Went for a big ride on Saturday to Ilsan beaech, had subway for lunch.
Sunday I went with the MTB club for a ride. It was a lot of fun, but I gave up 3/4 of the way through the ride b/c I was hungry and I had run out of water.
I was also afraid of “bonking” (exhausting the glucose supplies in your body) so I turned around and went home.

Good ergonomic design

My new iPod looks just like this one. The lanyard (necklace) is very useful. But I think they should have copied the Iriver lanyard design and let the earpieces attach to the lanyard.
But aside from that it is an excellent design I can control the iPod while riding my bicycle (yes, I know a dum idea, but …) easily.

Linux Install

A few weeks ago I got my Shuttle XPC back.
It is a nice machine, a P4 3ghz, with 1 GB RAM and 160GB HD in a very small compact form.

I have decided to install Linux on it. The only question is what flavour?

I had narrowed it down to

       A great Debian based distro with a wonderful user community and without the complexity of Debian itself.

   Red Hat

The enterprise version of Red Hat has two things wrong with it.
1. It costs money!
There are a few clones of  the enterprise version of Red Hat, my favorite being CENTOS which lets you download the “offical” red hat updates for Free!. If I ever need to support Red Hat Enterprise this is what I will install.
But unfortunally it fails the second point.
2. Being an enterprise product it’s emphasis (rightly so) is stability
I am willing to trade stability for features, so that makes Fedora a better fit. Fedora is the testing bed for Red Hat Linux. Any features they like will get rolled over into the next version of the Enterprise product.

So after playing with Centos, Ubuntu 5.10, I have settled on (drum roll please ….)   FEDORA Core 4

1. Free
2. Cutting Edge
3. Based on the most popular corporate Linux.
This means that binaries for the latest versions of apps should be easy to get.
4. The user community is wonderful.