Last day of July

Today is the last day of July so I went out and did some shopping.
I purchased Shimano-SH-SD65-Cycling-Sandals for 88,000 won. In Australia they are $170 !

Thebiggest size in the shop is42/43 (the next biggest being 44/45). My old shimano shoe is size 45. But this shoe being a sandle does not compress the toes as much as a normal cycling shoe would. Cycling shoes are normally narrower then normal sports shoes.

My little toes are a bit crushed in the shoe, but the same thing happens in my other shimano shoe. Anyway time will tell if this was a good purchase decision or not.




I also purchase some wrap around sport sunglasses which has an insert on the nose ridge where you can put a pair of tiny prescription glasses. Total price – less then 100,000 won.

Much cheaper then Australia!



My injured tendon on my right knee is still giving me trouble, a week after I injured it. I can now walk freely (except going down stairs) but I still get pain when I cycle.

I am now sitting at my desk and there is a dull pain coming from the tendon area in my knee. It not bad pain, but I just want to be rid of it, so I can get on with life and enjoy the rest of my stay here in Korea.


Sending Stuff home

Note to self: Yesterday I sent the books below back home (sans the Grammar for English Language Teachers book) plus some cycling clothing and a South Korean flag

The man in the post office said it will take 50 days which would make it September 14th!
Still 20 KGs @ 48,000 won is not a bad deal.
I also joined the Australian Knife Collectors Club which means when I bring my fake sword (Kargum) back to Australia it won’t be confiscated by Customs.

Easily mispronounced domain names


These domains can be pronounced in different, often amusing ways

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Italian power company

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“A quick reference guide to & for representatives”

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Lumberman’s Exchange, Now defunct, archive here:…

9. 05-02-06 – The American Artists Bluebook – However, depending on how you pronounce the domain name, it can sound like ‘’

10. 04-27-06
From PurplePorpoise at Metafilter.

11. 05-01-06
F.A. Gray – Paint & Wallpaper

12. 04-27-06
Cumming First United Methodist Church, in Cumming, Georgia. From tellurian at Metafilter.

13. 04-27-06 1 Comment
Morrison & Foerster legal firm. From telluroan at Metafilter.

14. 05-03-06
Truckers Express: A specialized Heavy Haul industry leader. With 650 trucks and over 1400 hundred trailers, our Owner / Operators can get… Vote!

15. Google 05-02-06

16. 04-27-06
A fromer Canadian Parliamentarian website. From raider at Metafilter.

17. 04-25-06
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18. 04-26-06
You do need to know Spanish to get this one.

19. 04-27-06
Macho who? From darakpony at Metafilter.

From Mayor Curley at Metafilter.

From dmt at Metafilter

Do they really want to be know as aged wards?

The AdMan “as seen on TV” site in New Zealand. Is a “Butt-hat” a wearable item, and is “snot-all” more or less than “sweet F.A.”?

“As seen on magazine advertizements and billboards near you.” From blindcarboncopy at Metafilter.

News Extracts, “reland subsidiary of the Sweden based Observer AB Group, the world leader in media and journalist contact databases,

Mmm… stinkjets. From staggernation at Metafilter.

I couldn’t make any sense out of this one. From suitcase at Metafilter.

28. Stlouiswomansexchange .com
When will people learn to stop putting *sexchange in thier domains? From limeonaire at Metafilter.

From MrBadExample at Metafilter.

Schedule for remainder of Korean Sojourn

The end is nigh.

I have booked passage for the colonies, arriving

8:55 am on Singapore Airlines flight SQ 237 on the 2nd of September

School finishes up on the 19th of July. This is the summer vacation for Yaeum Middle School where I work.
Technically I am not entitled to a vacation as I have already used up my allocated holidays. The school has not yet told me if I am working. But it looks like I am as free to do as I want until August 24th.

My friends in Ulsan who work at another school and at a teacher training centre have a different schedule to me.
At Ulsan Language Academy where I used to work they are teaching teachers in the summer holidays. When the holiidays end they will join me working at the schools below.

On August 24th I have to work at various schools

August 24th – Chungryang middle school
August 25th – Dukwang middle school
August 28th – Woongchon middle school
August 29th – Kangdong middle school

So on the 30th I will clean up my apartment. The 31st I will travel to Seoul and have a last look around.
Then I will fly out on the 1st of September for Singapore.

Black Belt Test

Haidong Gumdo Black Belt medal - Korean sideToday I had my black belt test.

I am somewhat ambivalent about the result. Yes, I did pass, but not to my satisfaction.
As mentioned in a previous post there are three things I had to do to pass.

  1. Shimsang Gumbap
  2. 20 Finger pushups
  3. Breaking a piece of wood with my wooden sword (mokgum)

Part 2 and 3 were easy, no problems. Since I did the test with some young women (why aren’t they in my Dojang!) I could look quite macho b/c of my deep masculine voice 🙂

But I totally screwed up on the Shimsang Gumbap.

The process of the black test works as follows. A group of about six people are called up and as a group they do the six activities needed to pass. Naturally I was nervous. So what did I do?
Halfway through the gumbap I completely forgot where I was and just stood there like a deer in a spotlight trying to remember what to do next … and failing. Fortunately I was given another chance. One of the instructors pulled me to the side and told me to start again. I did and no problems !. In fact the audience liked my tumble rolls because they were much higher then anyone else’s.

So I was feeling a little disappointed for making the mistake, but at least the second time I did the job right.
Later I learnt that this was when I passed the test. Most of the judges passed me on my second try. But some of the older and more traditional judges held the view that you should get one chance and one chance only. I must admit I tend to agree somewhat with that view, especially for adults.

But wait there’s more

After the gumbap I did the pushups and wood breaking. Then we all sat down and watched the black belts test. They were very impressive. Then some numbers were called out in Korean, including mine, not that I noticed b/c I was daydreaming.
So I get up, rush to the centre of the training area and listen to someone say something in Korea

WTF does this mean ? Then he says “Shimsang Gumbap” and I understand

It a retest of all the students who screwed up the first time. This time I completely screwed it up, multiple times, although I at least completed the gumbap. At this point I was quite depressed and angry at myself b/c I had practiced this hundreds of times with no problems and now …..

Anyway, we were all told to sit down. Then about 10 students were called up and handed medals which signify they passed the test. I was not among them. About 20 minutes later they gave me a medal.

Haidong Gumdo Black Belt medal - English side

– the end –

Doctor Who

Love it, Doctor Who is back on tellie … just like when I was a kid.

Doctor Who

The end of season episode is on this Saturday and it’s a ripper. The doctor versus the Daleks and the Cybermen

Naked PC

Naked Women PC

Below is what remains of my second PC.

The motherboard is an ASUS P5GD2 with 2 GB of RAM, a Pentium 4 CPU and a broken fan.

Pentium 4 Mb With P4 3Ghz Cpu & 2 Gb Ram

Last time I turned on the PC my computer told me the CPU was running at 98 degrees celsius !

If you look carefully at the fan you can see powder, probably burn marks.
I think the CPU is OK. The question is how to remove the old fan.