Month: July 2006

  • Last day of July

    Today is the last day of July so I went out and did some shopping. I purchased Shimano-SH-SD65-Cycling-Sandals for 88,000 won. In Australia they are $170 ! Thebiggest size in the shop is42/43 (the next biggest being 44/45). My old shimano shoe is size 45. But this shoe being a sandle does not compress the […]

  • Seoul comic

    To my good friend in Seoul enjoy this little comic I made for you. It was created with a little macintosh application call Comic Life which is just so easy to use.

  • Daegue Comic

    To my good friend in Daegue, you know who you are. Enjoy the comic I made

  • Sending Stuff home

    Note to self: Yesterday I sent the books below back home (sans the Grammar for English Language Teachers book) plus some cycling clothing and a South Korean flag The man in the post office said it will take 50 days which would make it September 14th!Still 20 KGs @ 48,000 won is not a bad […]

  • Easily mispronounced domain names

    From These domains can be pronounced in different, often amusing ways 1. (No description provided) 2. (No description provided) 3. Italian power company 4. (No description provided) 5. (now changed to (No description provided) 6. “A quick reference guide to & for representatives” 7. (No description […]

  • Schedule for remainder of Korean Sojourn

    The end is nigh. I have booked passage for the colonies, arriving 8:55 am on Singapore Airlines flight SQ 237 on the 2nd of September School finishes up on the 19th of July. This is the summer vacation for Yaeum Middle School where I work. Technically I am not entitled to a vacation as I […]

  • Black Belt Test

    Today I had my black belt test. I am somewhat ambivalent about the result. Yes, I did pass, but not to my satisfaction. As mentioned in a previous post there are three things I had to do to pass. Shimsang Gumbap 20 Finger pushups Breaking a piece of wood with my wooden sword (mokgum) Part […]

  • Doctor Who

    Love it, Doctor Who is back on tellie … just like when I was a kid. The end of season episode is on this Saturday and it’s a ripper. The doctor versus the Daleks and the Cybermen

  • Fish and Chips

    Korea is known for many interesting foods, but fish and chips is not one off them. There is one restaurant run by a british ex-pat in Banjeojin called Korea Union Cafe see Ulsan Web description of Korea Union Cafe Summary: Nice, but pricey.

  • Naked PC

    Naked Women PC Below is what remains of my second PC. The motherboard is an ASUS P5GD2 with 2 GB of RAM, a Pentium 4 CPU and a broken fan. Last time I turned on the PC my computer told me the CPU was running at 98 degrees celsius ! If you look carefully at […]