Moving House

In the next two week I shall be moving house.

I need to find a share house in the inner city (ideally) or failing that somewhere 5 – 10 km out.

Basically anywhere where I can get internet, park my car and be able to ride my bike into the city.

Job Hunt

The Christmas / New Year break has ended and its back to a hunt for a job.

Next week I will follow up on what it takes to become a security guard.

At a minimum you have to have a Level 2 license which is a two week course. It seems the Salvation Army will pay for that.
The instructor at the Salvation Army has a friend who runs a security firm.
This friend will say if he thinks you are suitable for security work or not.
So at the very least I should get a security license, level 2
Level 3 is Crowd Control.

Hopefully a job, even a part time one would be wonderful.