Month: May 2006

  • Election Day Holiday

    Today is Election Day in South Korea. I discovered yesterday, that it is a Holiday, so I can sleep in and relax.

  • Mac Mini Redux Redux

    I just got of the phone from Apple Busan and Apple Seoul. I wanted to upgrade my RAM from 512 MB (2 x 256mb) to either 1GB or 2GB In an ideal world I would have told Apple to do this when I ordered the Mac Mini. But Apple Korea won’t let you do this, […]

  • Mac Mini Redux

    The Mac mini is an interesting product compared to my big ugly pc. The CPU on my pc runs at about 45 degrees celsius. The Mac Mini idle temperature is 53 c ! When I ran a DVD ripping program it averages 68 degrees with a maximum of 72 degrees! Pretty hot. The pc in […]

  • My Mac has arrived 🙂

    My little Mac Mini has arrived and I have to work ….. 🙁 I have two lessons with an hour break in between, so I know what I shall be doing on my break. Update: It works and I am pretty happy with it. As to OS,X I am not that excited because I have […]

  • Got a mac, again

    Yesterday I rang Apple in Seoul and ordered a New Mac Mini Duo for 845,000 won. I then started downloading shareware and freeware apps for the Mac. So far I have 9 gb worth! In Australia, Japan and the US (and probably the rest of the world), but not Korea there is a thing called […]