Panoramic view of Song-un, Ulsan

Ulsan 180 degrees of it. I have just discovered a new program which automatically splices or stiches together a bunch of photos to create a panorama.
Now I am going around taking lots of overlapping pictures of places, so I can create panoramas. I am really enjoying mysefl !

If you want the program try here:

For some of my photos have a look at

Bittorrent update

This is an update of my previous posts. As a lot changes have occured in the time gone by.

As of 19th of June, 2005 KST the following sites work:

A good bittorent client for windows is Bitcomet

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brakes

Had a play with a MTB with mechanical brakes … WOW … they are extremely powerful.
I gently squeezed the brake handle with my little finger and I did an endo!
(hmm … endos, last time I did one of those I broke my arm .. perhaps not a good idea?)
A little bit of research has revealed that people have a very high opinion of the Avid BB7. The Avid Juicy Seven also got good marks, but they are hydraulic and much more expensive.

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brakes

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Had my last visit with the Physio on Thursday.
He said that my ankle / calf had improved a lot.
When I first saw him the tendonitis in my ankle (inner ankle bone) had caused my calf muscle (the inner bit) to be stiff.
Now it is much better, but it feels worse the last few days then it did last week!

When you are walking normally or cycling it is OK.
But when you run, jump, move laterally (sideways) like in basketball, then it hurts.
Not a sharp shooting pain, not even the pain like with a bruise, but more a tightness.
Very annoying !

Anyway I have to do three things to help my ankle and it hopefully with be back to normal.

1. Stretch the legs/hips, especially the calf muscle
2. Do strengthing exercises for the injured area.
3. Losing some weight probably wouldn’t hurt.

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Korean Blogscence

Joi Ito’s Web
A very interesting article by Joi Ito about the blogscene in Korea vs the West. It concentrates on as an example.

Korea is reported by the OECD to have the highest high-speed Internet penetration of any nation. Korea has an extremely vibrant gaming, blogging, mobile phone and youth culture scene and I was eager to find out more about what was going on. I scribbled a bunch of notes over coffee during the day and over dinner. Please excuse any errors since I have not been able to fact check everything. If you could point them out and let me update them, I would appreciate it.

According to articles in the press, there are 5-6 million blogs. These are not to be confused with hompy. Hompy (a derivative of home page) are personal home pages with photo albums, guest books, avatars, background skins, and background music. There are approximately 10 million hompy pages. In a city with a population of 10 million and a country with a population of 45 million, that’s quite impressive. Companies seem to be making money selling background music and items for hompy pages. Most of the posts are focused on photos and one line comments on pages of friends. They are generally closed communities and are focused more on real-time presence-like communication rather than diary or dialog.

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