Month: November 2005

  • iTunes and Lyrics

    With the introduction of iTunes 6 you can now store lyrics in the ID tags of your songs. If you have an iPod it can then display the lyrics when you are playing the song. Pretty cool. But I have several thousand songs! going to google and typing “[songs name] lyrics” and pasting it into […]

  • Big Bike 🙂

    Cute bike –> In korea it is very crowded, so space is at a premium 🙂

  • RAM

    How much RAM is enough? the more the merrier. Two weeks ago I upgraded my RAM from 1GB to 2GB. Cost? Around 104,000 won (@US $104) Was it worth it? The answer is yes, Before when I was swapping between large applications the system would hang for a second or two. That is now gone. […]

  • Online shops to process Digital Photos in Australia

    The Melbourne Age had an article on online photo printing services. I think I will use one of these to print my digital photos and send them to mum. 1. AgfaPhoto ( Print quality: Acceptable Cost per print: 45c (plus $3 delivery) Delivery time: Five working days Two methods of uploading files are offered, either […]

  • This week at School

    This week at School Tuesday was practise day for exams. The Korean government loves comparing schools. They do this by making the students do multiple choice tests (A to E answers). Unlike Australia where education is state based, in Korea it is based on your local board of education. So the Ulsan Board of Education […]

  • Recycling

    collecting waste paper Pressian has an article on old people collecting wastepaper to earn even a tiny income. one old man earns almost 10 000 won a day by collecting paper. As the price for waste paper is 50 won a kilo, it means he collects about 200 kilos a day Makes me wonder how […]