Red Eye

Watched the Korean movie Red Eye, a horror film set on a train

Korean horror movie

The cast was good and I really enjoyed the train setting having travelled on trains in Korea many a time.
It brought back pleasant memories of train journeys to Seoul sans ghosts.
So would I recommend you to go out and get this movie?

Not really, it’s an entertaining diversion, but there are much better horror films out there.

No Weddings and Many Funerals

Yesterday I attended the funeral of Uncle “Digger” in Lake Bolac.
It’s pretty close on the heels of my father dying. It seem only yesterday that life was full of weddings. Now the previous generation is getting into their seventies and nature is taking its course.

I was surprised to learn that Uncle Digger worked, turned up to the local council road crew for thirty years. In todays world that would be quite an achievement.

Site is now back up … nearly

I have changed hosting providers to dreamhost and I will have more to say on that later, all positive!

I have the wordpress blog up and running now, just a few tables have to be restored for everthing to be like it was.

The table post2cat contains a list of all entries (posts) and their categories. I haven’t been able to successfully restore this .. yet 🙁