Month: May 2019

  • K-Drama

    Been watch a few Korean dramas lately. Firstly, Live 라이브, an 18 episode show about Police The second drama, Kingdom킹덤 is a mix of Korean period drama (good) and a zombie movie (very good … seen Train to Busan?)It has Bae Doonna in it. Season One was worth the time, can’t wait for season two. The last drama also stars […]

  • I @love2chiitan

    Was watching John Oliver talking about chiitan, so funny … I now follow @love2chiitan on twitter.

  • A busy day

    I have converted my blog back to a WordPress install from Hugo. Why ? I was talking to a PSO (Protective Services Officer) at Melbourne Central. He had recommended WordPress because he uses it to develop web sites for businesses. He uses Woocommerce and Stripe to set up shopping carts for clients. He said it was a […]