Finnished watching Suits


I really enjoyed watching Suits. But it is not my favourite legal drama.

That would be

#3 Boston Legal

Boston Legal







#2 Billions

Billions Poster













and my all time favourite, The Good Fight



Finnished watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn 99

Finnished watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I rather enjoyed it, especially Terry Crews.

Now I have started watching Suits,


It’s enjoyable, but so many seasons and with so many episodes it is a bit of a hard slog to get through.



Been watch a few Korean dramas lately.

 Live 라이브 poster

Firstly, Live 라이브, an 18 episode show about Police

Kingdom킹덤 poster

The second drama, Kingdom킹덤 is a mix of Korean period drama (good) and a zombie movie (very good … seen Train to Busan?)
It has Bae Doonna in it. Season One was worth the time, can’t wait for season two.

Stranger 비밀의 poster

The last drama also stars Bae Doonna and is called Stranger 비밀의


Sopranos [TV]


Just finnished watching the Sopranoes, all 86 episodes!
I love the show, but are all gangsters so greedy and stupid?
They should leave it to the professionals … Wall Street 🙂


Blake’s 7 [TV]

When I was growing up in Country Victoria there were only two TV channels, no McDonalds and KFC was an hour drive away.
Did I mentioned the shops closed at 1pm on Saturday? … a very fast paced life

The point of this? …. a few shows on TV captured my imagination and allowed me to escape the fast life in country Victoria.

– Doctor Who
– Star Trek
– Black Adder

And last but not least, Blake’s 7. The special effects made Doctor Who look good. The fight scenes were terrible, but the story and the characters were wonderful. My favourite? Avon, who would sell out his own mother if there was no other choice.

Anyway I have just finished watching them all again, all four seasons.

Technology is pretty amazing now. I can stream the Blake’s 7 DVD rips from my computer to my iPad.


V (2009) – TV Series

Remember, V ? The TV series from the eighties about aliens landing on Earth?

At first they look like us, and they come in peace ….

but all is not what it seems.


Fracking great

Battlestar Galactica Queen Bohemian Rhapsody mashup


The doctor is dead, long live the Doctor

Just finished watching the Doctor Who Christmas special which alas is the end for one of my favorite doctors, David Tennat

I have now been watching Doctor Who since the late seventies!