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  • The Old Woman with the Knife

    Just finished reading this great book. It is full of references from my stay in Korea and from Korean movies, that bring back good memories.But no Granny assassians 🙂 From the amazon page for the book The Old Woman with the Knife by Gu Byeong-mo,  Chi-Young Kim (Translator) The kinetic story of a sixty-five-year-old female […]

  • Korea by Bike

    https://www.koreabybike.com is a new website which details all the major bike paths in Korea. Well worth a look

  • Korean Englishman 영국남자

    The Korean Englishman goes to a Korean army camp

  • The Handmaiden (2016)

    Just finished watching the 2016 Korean film The Handmaiden.It is a beautiful film to watch and the soundtrack is very well done, particularly: IMI ONEUN SORI (임이 오는 소리) The Sound Of You Coming IMI ONEUN SORI (임이 오는 소리) The Sound Of You Coming (Gain)Like the sound of you comingI hear something from somewhereA […]

  • Korean Drama

    Netflix and Amazon Prime are serious impediments to productivity. I watched Parasite a month or so ago. I really enjoyed it. One of the themes of the movie is social inequality and the lack of ability to move up in status / income.It’s interesting that Korea’s income distribution is not too different to America’s.But you […]

  • Kingdom

    Season two of Kingdom just popped up on my Netflix viewing list. Love the show, what’s not to like – Korean period drama– Zombies (nearly as good as Train to Busan)– A great cast including Bae Doona, one of my favourite Korean actors.

  • K-Drama

    Been watch a few Korean dramas lately. Firstly, Live 라이브, an 18 episode show about Police The second drama, Kingdom킹덤 is a mix of Korean period drama (good) and a zombie movie (very good … seen Train to Busan?)It has Bae Doonna in it. Season One was worth the time, can’t wait for season two. The last drama also stars […]

  • More Bike Porn

    The second day of my cycle tour involved a few hill climbs. I imaged cycling to the top and then having a rest. In reality I walked to the top and had a rest or two.

  • Bike Porn with Pretty scenery in background

    Looking back at my lunch stop

  • Mogi Man

    The Korean word for Mosquito is “mogi” You will often see this happen in Korea. The Korean government say they have eliminated Malaria from Korea. This is one of the ways they do so. Every street is visited by a car or scooter in this case spewing out a cloud of mosquito poison. Often you […]