ScanSnap S1300i

Just received my ScanSnap S1300i today.  It took ten days for the order to reach me from Amazon USA. Not too bad! As I mentioned before at Officeworks the same scanner cost AUD$400, with postage from Amazon it only cost me $280!

I am very happy with the scanner. The one downside is the software comes on a CD. But most modern Macs do not have optical drives!
Fortunately you can download the software.

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We are so ripped off in Australia

Just purchased a Fujitsu S1300i ScanSnap scanner from Amazon USA.

Its a duplex scanner for text documents, i.e. Like a fax machine you put in the paper and it scans both sides and saves it to a PDF on your Mac. Better yet it can OCR the paper and you can add tags for latter searching.

This model is the portable version. The more expensive models are much bigger, but the postage is a killer.

This price from Amazon?

– $260.99 + shipping of $19.44 for a grand total of $280.43!

The price here in Australia? … well, it’s not on Fujitsu’s Australian site yet, despite being out for several months.

At Officeworks it is $399! … and the AUD is worth US 1.03 (although amazon only gave me 1 to 1)

Why is this so?

To make matter worse if I was an Americian I would get a full year of Evernote Premium chucked in for free.