Month: February 2006

  • KT Megapass Internet

    Today I had to call KT’s internet help centre b/c I forgot my password. HOW: Dial 100, choose option 8 for Foreigners Help. Note this is in Korean, so just listening won’t help much Once there they were very helpful. After checking ID by asking for my user ID and Foreigner ID number the operator […]

  • Opps … another vacation

    After that long, ever so long Winter vacation, I imagined that there would not be many vacatons for quite some time. So image my suprise after a mere 7 days at school I am told it is time for Spring Vacation. Lets see I come back to school on Feb 9, a thursday for a […]

  • School year had begun

    After a long Winter break (Dec 29 – Feb 9) classes have begun again at Yaeumdong Middle School. Fortunately for the first day I have only one class.

  • It’s snowing!

    2006-02-06 Snow falling on Yaeumdong Today it snowed in Ulsan and about time! It snowed once before, but it was a pretty weak effort. This time I took my mountain bike and went riding up in the hills, slipping and sliding all the way – a lot of fun! My school also looked very pretty […]

  • [Movie] Syriana (2005)

    Just saw Syriana today. It is the latest George Clooney / Matt Damon film. I loved it. The acting was wonderful, the script was excellent and the good guys came in shades of gray. The movie is about the oil business and the corruption / real politics associated with it. Favourite quotes from the movie: […]

  • My first Korean apartment

    Since arriving in Korea I have lived in three different apartments or “villas”. A Villa is usually a three to five story apartment building as distinct from the ten stories plus apartment blocks you see all around Korea. In a “my” villa there were six apartments per floor. In the photo below you can see […]

  • 2006-02-05 Kanweyeol Mountain Ride 08

    2006-02-05 Kanweyeol Mountain Ride 08

  • Happy Birthday Sis

    Today is my sister Karen’s birthday. Age: Classified

  • MTB Club Ride

    Today, I joined the Samamtb club for a ride to Kanweyeol Mountain near Eonyang. The mountain is is 1,100 meters high! I didn’t know this when I turned up for the ride. So with a sense of foreboding we started up with myself bravely guarding the rear (b/c I was too knacked too keep up). […]

  • [Movie] Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang today. Haven’t laughed so hard for a long time. Its a great action / comedy movie