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A very experienced Data Scientist called David Robinson has recorded his Tidy Tuesday analyses and posted them on Youtube – well over 80 of them, each at about an hour long! Watching his screencasts is a fantastic way to see how someone approaches an analyses when it’s the first time they see the data. 
Perhaps showing even more dedication, Alex Cookson and Eric Fletcher have painstakingly gone through the recordings, timestamped and annotated them with a description of David’s activity and which packages and functions he’s used. Make no mistake, this is an incredible amount of work. They captured everything in this publicly available google sheet.
Based off my experience in generating website content from a spreadsheet for Big Book of R, and wanting to try build a website with Quarto (next generation of rmarkdown), I put everything together to create www.RScreencasts.com. Now you can more easily navigate the screencasts, the individual timestamps, packages, functions and all via a searchable web interface. Using Quarto was easier than I expected (I’ve never used blogdown or distill before) and thanks to chat with Gavin Masterson (twitter)who has tried it, I felt confident enough to give it a go.  

  • https://jfjelstul.github.io/regular-expressions-tutorial/
  • RStudio Community Table Gallery
  • https://github.com/Roche/ggtips
    R package that provides a set of functions to enhance your ggplots with eye-pleasing tooltips easily, and render them in your Shiny apps.
  • https://oscarbaruffa.com/

– https://bikepacking.com/plan/bikepacking-overnighter-gear-list-video/

– https://www.beamjobs.com/resumes/data-analyst-resume-examples