Month: April 2005

  • Adultery law: a necessary evil?

    Less than a couple of centuries ago, it was natural for Korean men to have more than one wife and women to accept polygamy since they had to depend on their husbands. In recognition of an increasing awareness of women’s rights, several National Assembly lawmakers came up with a bill in 1951 to provide for […]

  • How schools fail to teach English

    Interesting comments on the EPIK programme in Korea. Fortunally in Ulsan the Provincial office of Education looks after us. But this is not always the case in other cities How schools fail to teach English – JoongAng Daily

  • Korean Dictionary in real time.

    Ever read a web page in English and come across a word and wondered what it means? First you have to reach for your dictionary and find the word. It sort of kills the fun of reading. Well now there is an easier way. You can simply place the mouse cursor over the word you […]

  • What does it take to become financial hub?

    Interesting post on Korean attitudes to foreign investment. What does it take to become financial hub? A heated debate has been set off by a recent Financial Times article criticizing the rise of neo-nationalism among Koreans, but the author failed to point out that the 5 percent rule for which Korea alone is being criticized […]

  • English Korean Buddhist website – Site in English about Korean Buddhist temples Web site offers rich information in English on Korean Buddhism Among favorite spots for foreign tourists are Buddhist temples. Their serene, nature-oriented atmosphere and rich selection of cultural artifacts are always a great tourist attraction. One major problem, however, is that information about these temples […]

  • Korean ATM’s expanding opening hours

    When I first came to Korea I was suprised when ATM’s (Cash Machines) closed at 10 pm. I thought “What the F$#%#$?” From the article below it appears the blame for this lack of service lies squarely with the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute (KFTC). Does anyone know if this is a government body? […]

  • Crime and Punishment lesson for Adults

    Adult ESL teaching: Crime and Punishment. One of my adult classes was studying a chapter about Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Seeing as I’ve purchased Crime and Punishment with every intention of eventually finishing it despite repeated attempts, I decided to bring it along as a prop. I also cooked up another interesting activity that I called “Crime […]

  • Hot SATA drive

    Seagate Baracoda 200 GB SATA vs Western Digital 200 GB IDE Drive The seagate drive has good reviews for performance. But the review often note it runs hot. No problem I thought. I got two ! Big mistake I think. I recently lent the drive to a friend. it was hanging out of the side […]

  • Dissection of a WordPress Theme

    Dissection of a WordPress Theme A very detailed description of how the WordPress theme system works.

  • Australian – Korean Car Business

    Holden’s has been supplying four-cylinder engines for the past 20 years to Daewoo. Now cars will be flowing again to Australia. GM Daewoo to begin Australian exports