Month: May 2005

  • Korean & Australian Marital Rape notes

    Korea has an active sex trade ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äù both online and off. According to the Korean Institute of Criminology, the amount spent on prostitution alone amounted to $23.6 billion in 2002, the last year for which figures were available. Maritial Rape Rape in marriage, a difficult crime to prove and a horrible crime. It did […]

  • SK Anti-Unification

    No sunshine yet over North Korea A very interesting article about South Korea’s stance towards unification with it’s Northern brother.

  • Samsung is big, very big

    Korea Times Search wow, that is big `Republic of Samsung’ Builds Up in Korea Samsung Group, South Korea’s biggest conglomerate, is getting bigger and bigger to an extent that many raise grave concerns about its relentless expansion. With 62 affiliates under its arm, the group accounts for one-fifth of the country’s total exports and its […]

  • Samsung, the Korean Sony

    Wired 13.05: Seoul Machine Wired has a great article about the rise of Samsung as a consumer electronics powerhouse.

  • Physio

    Finally got around to to seeing the Physio about my ankle. (?´¬¨¬º?´¬¶¬¨ ?¨?°‚Äù?´¬?‚Ä¢?™¬?‚Ǩ = physiotherapist = physio ) I had to go to one of the main hospitals here in Ulsan. My first visit was last Wednesday (4th of May, 2005) The physiotherapist there is really good. Cost was 8,400 won for the first visit. […]

  • My Apple iBook

    Last year when my Apple iBook laptop has a faulty mainboard it discharged my battery completely and it will now not charge. Apple Korea want 180,000 (@US $180) for a replacement battery. In the US you can get a replacement for $100, or a third party battery with better battery life for $130. note to […]

  • Phone Cards and discounts

    Wow, I did not realise how cheap things can be in Korea. On Friday I went to the Megabox cinema in Songnamdong to see “Kingdom of Heaven”. The price is 5,000 won, but because I have an LG card I get a 40% discount (price: 3,000 won). This is only 1,000 won more then renting […]

  • Driving licences in Korea

    There is a lot of confusion here in Korea among foreigners about driving with licences from our home countries. Most foreigners assume (wrongly) that if you get an international driving permit then you are OK. Wrong, according to this article. The man was involved in an accident and he learnt the hard way. The Korea […]

  • Korean Prosecution’s Plea for Power

    The Korea Times : [The Nation] Prosecution’s Plea for Power At first blush, the announcement a few weeks back by the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office that it wants to introduce American-style plea bargaining into the legal system seemed like a constructive effort at reform. But on closer examination, it’s obvious the move is nothing more […]

  • How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately

    How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately aka The Surf At Work Page For the geeks out there who knows what SSH means and more importantly cares.