Finally got around to to seeing the Physio about my ankle.
(?´¬¨¬º?´¬¶¬¨ ?¨?°‚Äù?´¬?‚Ä¢?™¬?‚Ǩ = physiotherapist = physio )
I had to go to one of the main hospitals here in Ulsan.

My first visit was last Wednesday (4th of May, 2005) The physiotherapist there is really good.
Cost was 8,400 won for the first visit. The physio said it would be less next time.
But i will have to take a taxi there which should be about 2500 each way.

Met a Nepalese guy in the hospital who had a really bad injury.
He fell five metres and ruptered some of the discs in his back …. ouch
He has been in hospital now for eight months!

Fortunally he has health insurance.

Anyway, back to me. The phsio said the problem was with my calf muscle ( I have tendonitis.), specifically the one that starts halfway up the calf and attaches to the ankle.
This is the muscle which is causing the pain when I tense my foot. With treatment it should be OK in two weeks.

So far I have been on
Wed 4,(Holiday on Thurs – Children’s day, so no treatment), Fri 6, Sat 7 , Mon 9 , Tues 10, Wed 11, Thur 12, Fri 13, Sat 14 Mon 16, and Tues 17

The physio now says that I only need 3 treatments a week instead of six and in two months I should be OK.
I hope so

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