Month: December 2005

  • Holidays

    Today, December 29th marks the start of the school vacation, or as we say in Australia “school holidays”I have to be back at school on Friday, February 10th ! A grand total of 42 days of Rest and relaxation. We finnished up with a lunch paid for by some of the parents. This sort of […]

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas for 2005 and have a happy new year

  • Anione School Festival


    Yesterday I changed my webhosting company and created a new domain name. My website is now called still exists and will continue to do so for some time. But for now, my focus is on My previous webhosting company was POWWEB.COM I hated them! Their userinterface was terrible. It took me at […]

  • Downloading Movies in the land of the morning calm

    About a month ago the Korean government finally got around to banning Napster type websites in Korea. Up until now people could download movies and songs and pay maybe 50 cents for a movie.Thats a pretty good deal, but highly illegal, even under Korean law. So it is good to see the governement enforcing copyright […]

  • A Taxing Korean problem

    2005 is my third financial year in Korea. The first two years for Australians are tax free 🙂 The Korean tax system is based on the calendar year whereas Australia’s is July – June. I think the Korean system is better b/c the tax year is the same as the calendar year. But it also […]

  • Gallery2 and WordPress

    What is WPG2? WPG2 is a WordPress Plug-in that embeds Gallery2 within WordPress to share photos, videos and any other Gallery2 content seamlessly into the WordPress Sidebar and Blog entries. The current version of WPG2 is 1.0, released on September 13th, 2005. Good example of Gallery 2 integration into WordPress – Gallery 2 […]

  • Weekend

    Friday, 2nd December Friday night I decided to visit my friend who works in a shop in Songnamdong. After riding there I discovered the shop in the nearly empty. My friend told me that the owner is closing the shop and he is moving back to Daegue where he will start work Monday working in […]

  • My new iPod Nano

    iPod Nano Got myself an iPod this week. Earlier this year one of my students stole my iPod Mini. As you can see it is pretty small. So I was on the lookout for a new iPod. It seems the student did me a favour. Since his mom paid me for the stolen iPod I […]