Victoria Sword Exemptions cut back

In Victoria (Australia) it is generally illegal to own a sword, unless you have an exemption


    1. Museum
    2. Theatre or Opera Company
    3. Accredited Fencing Organisations,
    4. World Singlestick Federation
    5. Member of a Religion whose practice involves swords
    6. Defence Force Serving Member
    7. Former Defence Force Member if obtained in official duties
    8. RSL officer/member
    9. Masonic Lodge
    10. Participant in Scottish Highland Dancing
    11. Inheritance – maximum of two swords.
    12. Australian National Wushu & Tai Chi Association
    13. Australian Kendo Renmai Associated Club
    14. A sword owned prior to July 2004 that has never had a sharpened edge
    15. Active Scout Association member.??

or you have a licence similar to a gun licence!

The cheapest way until recently to legally own a sword was to joint the Australian Knife Collectors club which has a general exemption for members owning swords. On my last blog article I mentioned that in Victoria there is a big crack down on knives. Something which I have no problems with.

This naturally caused a problem for the Australian Knife Collectors club b/c they were the most prominent organisation providing exemptions. Because of this pressure and to protect its core interest, knife ownership it has relinquished the exemptions bestowed upon it for swords. If you are covered by the exemption you will have until 30 September 2010.
After that you will be breaking the law if you don’t have a licence or an appropriate exemption.

In summary, bring on the nanny state 🙂