Month: August 2005

  • Holiday News

    My holiday with the exception of a few minor mishaps has gone well. I will be travelling to Sydney next Tuesday, the 30th so I can catch the plane to Korea on the 31st. I previously had book a flight arriving in Sydney at 7:20 am. But that only leaves one hour to clear security, […]

  • Korean news

    Teens on Holiday Face Chastity Watch Concerned social organizations have announced a campaign to guard the chastity of teenagers at holiday resorts along Korea?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s East Coast. The conservative groups including Hwalbindan, the Korea Dokdo Green Movement and the Senior Citizens Association of Jumunjin, Gangwon Province have been prowling beaches and entertainment places since Aug. 6 […]

  • Oz legal music downloads: Don’t hold your breath

    A very interesting article from my favorite IT website, The Register Oz legit downloads fail, and fail again By Alex Malik (feedback at Published Monday 8th August 2005 09:59 GMT Analysis Australian lawyer, academic researcher and music industry commentator Alex Malik presents a look at the Australian market for digital downloads. His research has […]

  • The Internet in Korea & Japan

    After living in South Korea for two years I am increasingly frustrated at the state of the Internet industry in Australia. The Australian scene is dominated by Telstra which is half owned by the government. Ten years ago Telstra was 100% owned by the government. Now the government is in the process of trying to […]

  • The Korean MP3 player market

    The Korean market is very different to the rest of the world. Koreans tend to buy Korean products. This is OK because there are a lot of good Korean products such as cars (Hyundai), ships (Hyundai), memory chips (Hyundai), consumer electronics (LG, Samsung) and MP3 players (iAudio, iRiver) Just don’t compare the price you pay […]

  • Australian Defamation Law

    A short summary of defamation law reform in Australia by Allens Arthur Robinson. What suprised me is that you can tell the truth about someone and still lose ! Focus: Defamation ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú March 2004 Uniform defamation law? In brief: The Federal Government’s proposed uniform defamation law could have important ramifications for free speech and freedom […]