Buying a new PC

New PC and no, it is not a Mac

One of my resolutions this year was to become competent at photography. What has that got to do with a new PC?
Not much you would think. But in addition to knowing the art and technicalities of a taking a photo you also need to know how to “develop” it.
Develop in this case means using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS5.

Now I already have a Macintosh laptop but I want something with a bit more grunt.

So a new Intel i7 desktop running Windows 7 is the first choice because it is open I can easily add more storage, video cards as need.
That is something you cannot do on the Macintosh without having my current situation. Sometimes I have had 7 USB hardrives attached to my mac laptop!
When you go to save a file, it spins up all the attached USB hardrives, This can make saving files somewhat slow.

I will be buying the Coolmaster Haf X full tower case. It is massive! I love it.

As I am making this decision to buy Intel, has released the second generation of the i7 called “Sandy Bridge”

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