Site is back up after 185 days

Why? I didn’t have anything to say and renewing the site would cost either too much money or require me to think (too much)

I just didn’t feel like it.

But VenturaIP now have their Oktoberfest 2021 Sale – Get 70% off all new hosting services!

So $36 AUD for one years hosting is a great bargain.

This year it was very easy to get the website up and running because I had a complete backup of the website via an export as well as a backup of the wp-contents/uploads folder where all the images are stored.

The only thing problem I had was WordPress didn’t see all the old media in its media browser because I had FTP to the new site.
Solution: Media Sync plugin which is a “simple plugin to scan uploads directory and bring files to Media Library.”

I also restarted the blog last year, see below: