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  • Wald Bicycle Baskets

    Was doing some research on Wald Bicycle baskets. I found the cheapest option is actually to buy them from amazon.us through amazon.au Wald 137 Baskets are 38cm side to side x 25cm front to back and 12c deep WALD 139 Baskets are 45cm side to side x 33cm front to back and 15cm deep – the basket […]

  • Korea by Bike

    https://www.koreabybike.com is a new website which details all the major bike paths in Korea. Well worth a look

  • Melbourne by Bike Path

    Melbourne by Bike Path – by David Blom This trail shows the fantastic network of bike trails Melbourne has to offer. What David has worked out is a 600km loop path with no crossovers or up and backs and minimal on-road riding. Its pretty much all bike paths.

  • My new fat bike

    I got a new bike, a Kona Rove NRB DLI managed to buy my bike for only $2,400! This might seem excessive, but it is normally $2,999! I pick it up Friday, June 15 My fifth decade on this earth is approaching and I am getting a little wide in my girth. I have a perfectly good touring […]


    I purchased a new bike on Saturday, went a little over budget so I walked into the city (8km), picked it up and was riding home and I got a bloody nail through the tyre, so another 4 km walking 🙁 So far, I like it. It is very responsive, easy to accelerate. My goal […]

  • More Bike Porn

    The second day of my cycle tour involved a few hill climbs. I imaged cycling to the top and then having a rest. In reality I walked to the top and had a rest or two.

  • Bike Porn with Pretty scenery in background

    Looking back at my lunch stop

  • My Bike Friday fully loaded

    The panniers and backpack weigh around 10 kgs, the bike about 14.5kg, so in total about 25kg ! This is going to hurt when I hit the mountains.

  • My new Bike Friday has arrived

    On Friday, my Pocket Llama from Bike Friday arrived. Once I get some better photos I will post them up on the blog. I went to Cycle Science, the bike Friday dealer in Melbourne to collect the bike on Saturday. I folded the bike and put it in the back seat of the car, but […]

  • My Bike Friday is on the way

    Not long ago I said I wanted a new bike, well it’s nearly here now Tracking number 979485808207 Ship date Aug 18, 2008 Estimated delivery Aug 25, 2008 by 6:00 PM Reference 109712B109180,1 09723,109713,109181,1097 Destination MITCHAM, VICTORIA AU Service type INTL Economy Master tracking number 979485808170 Pieces 4 of 8 Status In transit Date/Time Activity […]