bpython is a fancy interface to the Python interpreter for Unix-like operating systems It has the following features:

  • In-line syntax highlighting.
  • Readline-like autocomplete with suggestions displayed as you type.
  • Expected parameter list for any Python function.
  • “Rewind” function to pop the last line of code from memory and re-evaluate.
  • Send the code you’ve entered off to a pastebin.
  • Save the code you’ve entered to a file.
  • Auto-indentation.

To install it on OS X type “easy_install bpython” at the command line

To run it, type “bpython

Its great for people like me who are still learning python.

Sword ownership in Victoria

There has been a disturbing trend for young people to carry knives for self defence. This has lead to an inevitable increase in knife wounds and deaths.

Quite rightly the government is worried. In Victoria this inevitably leads to increased regulation and costs for legitimate law abiding users such as martial artists and collectors.

The Age has an article about another crackdown with a redundant title of Sharp eye on lethal weapon collector clubs. Weapons by their very nature are always capable of killing (just look at non lethal weapons like capsicum spray and tasers. In rare cases these have led to deaths.)

“The Brumby government is cracking down on weapons ”collector” clubs that may be abusing their legal right to own banned samurai swords and daggers.”
It will be interesting to see what happens with this. I hank a sinking feeling about this.


Just after Christmas I ordered two books on statistics. Both are part of the O’Reilly series Head First series.

If only my University stats course was as well done as this book. I probably would have remembered more.

More to follow on stats because without practise, there is no retention.

So expect to see some blog posts on weather stats in Melbourne and some pretty pictures -)

Probably done in Excel or the stats package R