Month: February 2010

  • Toilet Humour

    Working for the government or any large corporate you often are told to do things are certain way. Much of this is common sense and political correctness. In moderation it is fine because it often provides humorous examples such as this: This is part of a poster telling you how to use the toilet and […]

  • Up in the Air [Movie]

    Loved this movie, George Clooney is the Cary Grant of the 90’s and 00’s He seems to pick films that I enjoy watching a second, or third time with few qualms.  

  • Revising my HTML and CSS Skills

    Just purchased a number of books for work, on statistics and HTML from The sad thing is not only did the books get to me quicker then if I had order it through the local book store (about 20 days) but it was over half the price! The HTML / CSS book I am […]

  • Forever War [BOOK]

    One of my favourite books of all time, Joe Haldeman’s “The Forever War“. I first read it 25 years ago When it was first published over 25 years ago, Joe Haldeman’s novel won the Hugo and Nebula awards and was chosen Best Novel in several countries. Today, it is hailed a classic of science fiction […]