Daldong HDGD Dojang

Daldong HDGD Dojang

Just a quick update. Finnished training today. It was excellent.
I am remembering all the techniques again and my knee did not act up.
This picture is of the dojang (training hall) where I train. It is within 500 metres of two large apartment developments. So hopefully my kwang-jang-nim (dojang owner/instructor) can get a lot of students and make a good living. He has only been in business for about 7 weeks.
It takes at least a year to get enough students to pay the bills and make a decent living. Students typically pay 80,000 won a month (@ US $80)


Am continuing my Gumdo training.
Unfortunally my foot still aches from when I badly sprained my ankle late October, 2004.
The ankle is 99% OK, it does hurt a little when you stress it, especially lateral stress, but the underside of the foot and the side of the arch is annoying.

Hopefully as I loose weight it will improve.

May 28 is the Haidong Gumdo Championshiops for Ulsan, Gyangnamsamdo
So I have two months  to get into shape and achive competence in my technique

July 26 is the World Haidong Gumdo Championships.
I believe that the summer holidays start July 20th, so if I don’t have any english camps then I shall attend.

My instructor believe that I can attain my black belt by June if I work hard.

I think … I have to work hard.

Note to self, don’t write at 2 am in the morning. It destroys any semblance of grammar, spelling accuracy and style.

Battlefield 2

I have had a lot of problems with Battlefield 2 lately. It seems the problems are now at an end.

I purchased the add on pack, Euro Forces last week and when I tried to install it it said it would not decrypt.
I tried it on 3 computers and exactly the same thing happened, ruling out my pc as the problem
Then one day it just worked !

Off course then another problem poped up… When I went to install it could not find the Battlefield 2 directory!
After banging my head against the wall  without finding a solution I decided to uninstall the program.

oops … it wouldn’t do it …. so I had to manually uninstall

Then reinstall it and finally it works, one week after I purchased it!

I am not impressed with with EA software.
I am still running a cracked CD b/c the original CD would not let me run the game!

Anyway, how is the actual game?  pretty good, but is it worth the 6 or so hours of research to get the software working?

Performancing and Google Video

This is a test post using Performancing a blog editor that is integrated into Firefox.
What does it do?
Lets say you find an interesting web page and you want to copy its content to your blog.
All you have to do is hit F8 (or click on an icon) and a rich text editor pops up within firefox. You can then type/paste in what you want to say and click on the Publish To button and that’s it! Your have published your blog entry. Very quick and simple
You can concentrate on what you want to write rather then how to, which is how good software should be written.

Google Video

Until recently Google Video was not available in Korea. Google video lets you play videos that people and companies have uploaded to Google. When you play the videos they are shown on your PC as flash videos reguardless of their original format.
Basically there are lots of stupid time wasting fun videos floating around on google now that you can watch.
But if you want you can upload a video that you have made. It could be a wedding, something at work, etc.
Google Video gives you the opportunity to share large videos with your friends easily. I certainly shall be using it in the future.