Site is now up

hmm. … backups … you should always check backups before depending on them.

I backed up my site from my previous hosting company assuming it had copied all the folders where my wordpress installation was … all the misc stuff like images, etc
guess what, it didn’t !
thank goodness for my SQL backup which retained all my posts and comments, but alas, no images, no wordperss themes.

So next time, I will do what I did when I worked in IT, check the backups work before you need them

Update Jan 1, 2010

All is well, the “home directory” of my web site was archived in a single tar file … 🙂  saved!

and I now have a backup of my website off line !


I purchased a new bike on Saturday, went a little over budget so I walked into the city (8km), picked it up and was riding home and I got a bloody nail through the tyre, so another 4 km walking 🙁

So far, I like it. It is very responsive, easy to accelerate.
My goal with the bike is to lose 20kg over the Australian summer and build a good physical base.

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