Well I am back from my father’s burial.
Dad, died on Sunday, 12th of November, 2006. He was buried on the following Thursday.
We had a memorial service for him at the Uniting Church which was well done.
Relatives and friends from all over the state attended.
It was an excellent opportunity to remember the attributes that made up the man we called “DAD”
There can only be one and I am sorry to see him pass.

Rest in Peace

Today, I lost something irreplacable

My father died this Sunday, the twelfth of November, 2006. May he rest in peace.

While he wasn’t the sitcom sort of Dad, … I still loved him dearly and I shall miss him.

Haidong Gumdo Black Belt

Just before I left Korea I received official confirmation of passing the black belt test.

When you get your black belt you get three things:

(1) an ID card (this one with fake birth-date)

Stephen's Haidong Gumdo Black Belt Certification Card with fake birthdate b/c it's a secret!

(2) A new dobok (uniform) and off course, (3) the black belt

Stephen's Haidong Gumdo Black Belt

Python 2.5

I have just installed Python 2.5 for Windows.
I was waiting for the Activestate edition, but they have not finalized it yet.

So I have downloaded

  1. python-2.5.msi – The official installed from the python website
  2. pywin32-210.win32-py2.5.exe – win 32 com extensions and development environment
  3. BeautifulSoup-3.0.3 – A screen scrapping library

Included in the 2.5 release is built in support for the SQLite library.
I will be using this extensively soon to back up my favourite web-site and store it in an SQLite database.

How to install BeautifulSoup

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Have you ever received one of those jokes in the office which has been sent to everybody?
Whoever sent it has CC everyone so you can see all their names and email addresses.


It’s even worse when it has been forwarded several times and there are literally hundreds of email addresses. Bad manners, and bad security.

This cartoon sums up my feelings very well.

To BCC or Not to BCC

What is worse is they don’t edit out all the email headers and other stuff, so eventually the one page joke becomes ten pages of email addresses and mail headers.