Month: March 2011

  • Cheap Blurays in Australia

    I love movies, especially in hi-def But the price of blu-rays dvd sets in Australia is terrible. But amazon UK seem to have a lot of good stuff on special. I got the complete Rumpole of the Bailey for 14 pounds (DVD) Bluray Bargains – Best Blu-ray Bargains for Australian Blu-ray Enthusiasts  ….. if […]

  • The Kingkiller Chronicle

                    Just finished reading the first two books of the Kingkiller Chronicle. Unfortunately the third and last won’t be out for a while (still not out in 2019!). I loved the books, they each have a deep sense of history and a rich set of characters. Well worth […]

  • More stuff to look pretty on my bookshelf

    Just order some new books from Originally I was going to order them from which has free shipping worldwide (unlike amazon) but in this case it was cheaper to buy from amazon even after postage is added. But if you are after a single book then I would recommend you to check out […]

  • Installing WordPress on Windows 7

    I have recently purchased a new Windows 7 machine. The official reason is to learn photoshop, but really it is to play games. One of the things I wanted to do is to learn WordPress. On my Mac it gets a bit technical to install if  you stick with the standard tools (OS Xs Built […]