It’s magic!

Yesterday I used up my download allowance, all 200gb for a month. I still had a whole seven hours with slow internet! So what to do?

– get a life? … nah, too much trouble

I have an iPhone and a two year contract with Vodaphone Australia (AUD$69 / Month). So I turned on internet tethering, something American’s aren’t allowed to do with AT&T.
Speed was OK, but nothing special. The iPhone 3GS donwloaded anywhere between 30kb/s to 160 kb/s.


What to do for my birthday?

well, ride into the city, eat Fish Tempura for brunch,

Then I watched Transformers 2, very noisy !!! I liked it, but the first one was better

Then dinner,

and riding back home in a shower, knew I should have taken my raincoat.

Happy Birthday, Me!

Birthday today, so happy birthday me!

Have just finished listening to the first Harry Potter Audio book and have nearly finished the second. I love these books nearly as much as the Lord of the Rings.

I am listening to the US version, narrated by Jim Dale, who I prefer over the UK version narrated by the excellent Stephen Fry. Normally anything with Stephen Fry I adore, but in this case I have to go with Jim Dale because he has so many excellent voices for all the characters.

Getting old :-(

Did my third lesson in Aikido last night.
I love the break fall techniques, very different to how you do it in Hapkido. I think it is going to take a long time for my body to adjust to this style.