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  • Get Lucky – Russian Style

    The Red Army (Police?) Choir version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.A real hoot … I couldn’t stop laughing for the first few times I watched it.

  • The Handmaiden (2016)

    Just finished watching the 2016 Korean film The Handmaiden.It is a beautiful film to watch and the soundtrack is very well done, particularly: IMI ONEUN SORI (임이 오는 소리) The Sound Of You Coming IMI ONEUN SORI (임이 오는 소리) The Sound Of You Coming (Gain)Like the sound of you comingI hear something from somewhereA […]

  • Jonathan Coulton – Shop Vac Music Video

    A great video from one of my favourite singers. The animation for this video is wonderful. The hours that must have been put into it. Shop Vac from Jarrett Heather on Vimeo.

  • Fracking great

    Battlestar Galactica Queen Bohemian Rhapsody mashup

  • My new iPod Nano

    iPod Nano Got myself an iPod this week. Earlier this year one of my students stole my iPod Mini. As you can see it is pretty small. So I was on the lookout for a new iPod. It seems the student did me a favour. Since his mom paid me for the stolen iPod I […]

  • Apple’s new iPod’s

    With the recent release of the ever so small, every so scrathable iPod Nano and the new iPod capable of videos I was curious about how much they were ripping us off here in Korea and Australia. The answer is, not much, unlike our poor cousins in merry old England. iPod Nano 2gb – 230,000 […]