My Apple iBook

Last year when my Apple iBook laptop has a faulty mainboard it discharged my battery completely and it will now not charge.

Apple Korea want 180,000 (@US $180) for a replacement battery. In the US you can get a replacement for $100, or a third party battery with better battery life for $130.

note to self: order one this week.

iBook (900MHz 32 VRAM) 900 Opaque White non-metallic none 12.1-inch Tray-load
I have an Ibook G3 12″. model no A1005, M9009LL/A
battery model A1008 – also called “M8956G/A”

iBook Rev E, 900, April 2003, A1005

Replacement parts for my iBook

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Hey Steve, any chance for your advice. Am trying to find info on Apple IBook A1005.It does not charge at all as it was not used for over 2years! Apple is nbot very popular in Europe and I have no experience on it. I can not enter to check specifications to order the required part. Looking on web I would say it is G3 12″. Any idea how to get the serial number?

Thanks, lid

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