Phone Cards and discounts

Wow, I did not realise how cheap things can be in Korea.
On Friday I went to the Megabox cinema in Songnamdong to see “Kingdom of Heaven”. The price is 5,000 won, but because I have an LG card I get a 40% discount (price: 3,000 won). This is only 1,000 won more then renting a DVD !
I also get a 20% discount at McDonalds with my LG card, but alas no discount at KFC.
That requires a KTF card.
In case you are wondering, LG and KTF are phone companies. If you have a phone with them, then you can get their card.
If you are going out with your friends and in your group you have all the major cards, it means you will rarely pay full price at the big chain stores. You will usually get a discount.

In Korea you even get a tax deduction if pay with a credit card. It is the governments way of reducing the black economy.

Oh yeah, before I forget, the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” was quite enjoyable. I was reading a review of it where they said the DVD version will be around 3hours, 40 minutes … ouch !

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