ScanSnap S1300i

Just received my ScanSnap S1300i today.  It took ten days for the order to reach me from Amazon USA. Not too bad! As I mentioned before at Officeworks the same scanner cost AUD$400, with postage from Amazon it only cost me $280!

I am very happy with the scanner. The one downside is the software comes on a CD. But most modern Macs do not have optical drives!
Fortunately you can download the software.

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Good news .. The power brick supports US and Australian voltages and it uses a simple two prong power cable .. So all you have to do is buy the power cable and your in business .. and even if you don’t have the power cable you can power the unit by USB.
It took about 9 days to arrive in Oz from Americia.

I’m thinking about doing the exact same thing – buying an S1300i from Amazon. Can you tell me what you did about the power cable? Do you just use an adaptor to convert from US plugs to Australian ones?

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