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  • A busy day

    I have converted my blog back to a WordPress install from Hugo. Why ? I was talking to a PSO (Protective Services Officer) at Melbourne Central. He had recommended WordPress because he uses it to develop web sites for businesses. He uses Woocommerce and Stripe to set up shopping carts for clients. He said it was a […]

  • Web Excursions for April 2019

    Data Visualization Mistakes, we’ve drawn a few Economist – Tagged as Data Visualization Graphic detail Python Writing Comments in Python (Guide) How to Write Beautiful Python Code With PEP 8 The Ultimate Guide to Python Type Checking Reading and Writing Files in Python (Guide) Raspberry Pi The open source modular smart mirror platform https://magicmirror.builders DAKboard […]

  • Web Excursions for March 2019

    R for Blogging The fastest cyclists of Europe live in …Analyzing STRAVA data to find out which city has the faster cyclists with R and R-shiny officer: Manipulation of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint DocumentsAccess and manipulate ‘Microsoft Word’ and ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’ documents from R. The package focuses on tabular and graphical reporting from R; it […]

  • My web site

    I have converted my website to a static website.Previously I had used the Nikola static website tool which is written in python.It’s a great tool, but I wanted something more.I chose Hugo because it is very fast Since this is a technical blog, I needed to be able to embed rmarkdown documents easily. Hugo is great for this. It has a large […]

  • Web Excursions for February 2019

    Mac OS X links dark mode utility windows management A floating browser window for OS X, good for videos Plug, a app to listen to music from https://hypem.com/popular encrypto – Protect files with AES-256 encryption on Mac and windows The Ultimate List of Data Science Podcasts R Links: Rweekly: A greet list of R resources updated […]