UP Bank

I just heard about a new bank called “Up Bank”, 20 minutes later I had an UP Bank debit card in my Apple Pay wallet.
A fantastical user experience – The future of banking is looking up

Highly likely I will have transferred my business from ING Direct (which I still like) to UP Bank. The only things I don’t like about UP Bank are:

  • No Credit cards (only savings and a transaction account at moment)
  • If you lose your phone, you lose access to your account because there is no web portal (it’s coming soon) The only way you can interact with your account is via the app either on the phone or on a Apple Watch.

But the features offered have sold me, and their roadmap for 2019 has everything I wanted and more.


Tax Time

I always use e-tax to do my Australian tax return.

For the last three years I have the same process:

1. Enter all the data that is relevant, then get an answer that says I owe the tax office money
2. Procrastinate for two or three months until finally I figure out what I have done wrong.
3. It seems I don’t fill in the medicare levy surcharge question which means by default I get charged it! ┬áDOH DOH
4. When I repeat this process next year I will see this note and get my refund in July, not October!

In summary, if you are using E-Tax don’t jump around and fill in the questions you know are relevant. Start at Q1 and finnish at the end.

hmm, its now 4:48 am DST (daylights savings starts today) .. time to hit the sack.