Last week I upgraded my video card from an Nvidea 6600 to an ASUS EN8800GT. I was going to get the 9600GT for AUD $219, but the old (last December, less then 5 months!) 8800GT was only AUD$ 279
According to the reviews the 9600 is a good purchased b/c it almost equals the 8800GT in most aspects, but it lacks the extra “oomph”.

So after 2 years of playing Battlefield 2 in 800 x 600 with minimal settings, now it is 1600×1200 with everything on MAX …. aahh bliss! Now I can see what shot me, still can’t shoot it 🙁

But Battlefield was getting a bit boring so I purchased my first computer game for over a year. It’s name is Crysis.

Crysis DVD Cover.jpg

The reviews said it pushed your system to the max. They weren’t joking.
I have a P4 3ghz, 2 GB RAM, 8800GT and it is running on the lowest settings! 640×380, low settings

So how is the game?

Fracking great!


Battlestar Season 4

Does this picture remind you of a certain famous painting?

Battlestar Last Supper.png

But who is Judas? And who is Jesus?