Internet Explorer is a piece of s##t !

Been trying to get my website working properly in

Internet Explorer 6
It has 95% of the market because it comes with Windows. In terms of features it is the worst browser on the market. Also great for adding spyware, and other junk onto your computer.
In fact I still have some addware on IE that I can’t get rid of. I hate this browser.
It is 2004 and it still does not support TABS ! how backward can you be?

Opera 7.60 beta
A great browser feature wise, very low memory footprint (less then firefox), does not render all pages correctly. A real power users browser. But it takes time to learn how to use it effectively as there are options for everything as well as themes

Mozilla Firefox 1.0
The darling of the geek community.
Designed by minimalists, so a little ugly, but saved by it extensions and themes. A vibrant community produces enough themes and extensions that you could easily waste half an hour a day playing with them all.
As to standards, it has them all, I love it ! The best browser for web development and if you have more then 256mb of RAM the best browser.
If you have less then I recommend either Internet Explorer or Opera because they use less memory.


S.Korea Hails Japanese Emperor’s Reference on Korean Kinship

S.Korea Hails Japanese Emperor’s Reference on Korean Kinship
At a press conference Sunday marking his 68th birthday, Akihito said that he “feels a certain kinship with Korea.”

Akihito said it was recorded in an eighth-century official history document, entitled Shoku Nihongi (Chronicles of Japan), that the mother of Emperor Kammu (736-806) was of the line of King Muryong who ruled the Paekche Kingdom, one of three ancient kingdoms of the Korean Peninsula in 501-523.

King Muryong had strong relations with Japan, and it was from his time that masters of the Five Chinese Classics (books on the teaching of Confucianism) were invited to Japan one after another to teach Confucianism, Akihito said.

In an apparent reference to Japan’s 1910-1945 colonial rule of the Korean peninsula, the emperor said “it is regrettable however that Japan’s exchanges with Korea have not all been of this kind. This is something that we should never forget.”


[Email Grammar] What corporate America can’t build: a sentence

An interesting article on email and grammar, or more accurately the lack of grammar.

What corporate America can’t build: a sentence


Talking with friend

Had a chat with my friend Denis in Tokyo. Like me, Denis is an English teacher.

He was talking about how he was organizing parties. Had some good photos.
Global Friends Japan
Lots of other things, but can’t discuss them in public. Hopefully he will be coming to Korea in May.


The people I worked with at ULA

From September 2003 to August 2004 I worked at Ulsan Language Academy.
From Left to right
Adel from NZ, Johnathan from Brisbane, Judy from Sydney and off course my good self. All ready to hop on the plane home for a well deserved holiday (August 19th, 2004)


Britney Spears in Hanbok

Pretty in Pink?


New Shop opening

In Korea when a new shop opens three things usually happen
1. Lots of flowers outside the shop just like in the photo above. In this case most of the flowers are from friends congratulating the owner on opening the store.
2. Dancing Girls ! … but alas it is winter and so no dancing girls were present.
3. Every letterbox in a 3 km radius gets plastered with flyers advertising the new store.


Statistics of

Statistics of

WOW .. my very own website on the internet. Not my first, but the first I have paid money for. The first I am actually serious about puting content on it that people would be interested in.

so off course I have been obsessed with the statistics about my website. Even through they are only generated every 12 hours and my website is less then 36 hours old.


Haidong Gumdo Video

A video showing some of my fellow Gumdo practioners.
It has a nice song by Kim Kwang Seok as background music.

Haidong Gumdo Students


Oriental medicine treatment for swollen ankle

Over four weeks ago at the Haidong Gumdo competition (Oct 31st) I tripped on the stairs and badly sprained my left leg. My left ankle was swollen badly by at least six centimetres on the outside.
I got a half cast which I finally discard a fortnight ago on Saturday (13th Nov)
My left ankle is still sore on the bit of the ankle that sticks out on the inside.

I have been going to the oriental medicince ‘hospital’ or clinic. Cost is 4,200 won or about US $4.50 per sesson. Compare this to around $50 in Australia !

The treatment in shown in the photo above is designed to reduce the swelling.

The treatment procedure is normally
1. Accupuncture to help the injured area.
2. Then a big machine is wheeled in. Pads attached to the machine are fastened to the injured area and moistened. Then for about 10 minues I get small electrical shocks through the pads.
3. Sometimes and this is what the picture shows, the ‘bad blood’ must be removed.

Since my ankle was the area having a problem they need to reduce the size of the swelling. How?
By first, pricking the area with a small pin until my ankle was bleeding from multiple puncture wounds. This is as painful as it sounds.
Then a plastic cup is attached the wounded area and on top of the cup are hand operated vacum pump is operated.
Result: The air is removed fromt the cup which creates a low pressure zone over the pin punctures which then draws the blood into the cup. This is what you see in the picture.
And believe it or not it works! The first time I had this done my ankle was smaller by 2 or 3 cms the next day.