My new weblog still under construction

My new weblog still under construction


Korean Blogs I like

Blog of the Pythi Master –

The Marmots Hole –
Korean History, politics and culture

GI Korea –
An excellent blog on all things military and Korean by a serving Americian Army officer.
Another Military blog. Like GI Korea, it has good coverage of the US military in Korea and their perception on how welcome they feel.

The Flying Yangban –
One word – wow! Like the Marmots Hole, but better.


A good article on exam hell in Korea

Ruminations in Korea: Deathwatch 2004

I mentioned in the previous entry that ‘we are now officially in
suicide season, where little boys and girls turn into Peter Pan and
begin their annual lemming-like plunges off of assorted tall

A great article on the College extrance exam in Korea


Ulsan Language Academy Address

?¨?°¬??¨‚Äö¬??¨‚Ä쬥??‚Ä¢‚Ñ¢?¨‚Ä?¬ê(Ulsan Language Academy)
Postcode: 681-300
66-1 Seongan-dong Jung-gu Ulsan
?¨?°¬??¨‚Äö¬??¨‚Ä??ì ?¨¬§‚Äò?™¬µ¬¨ ?¨‚Äû¬±?¨‚Ä¢ÀÜ?´¬è‚Ñ¢ 66-1?´¬?ÀÜ?¨¬ß‚Ǩ ?¨?°¬??¨‚Äö¬??¨‚Ä쬥??‚Ä¢‚Ñ¢?¨‚Ä?¬ê(?¨‚Ä¢¬†?´‚Ä?ÀÜ?¨‚Ä?¬ê?™¬?¬†?´‚Äú¬±??‚Ä¢‚Ñ¢?™¬µ¬ê 5-6?¨¬?¬µ)
052-246-9967, 052-246-9968. FAX) 052-246-9978
My phone is: 019-9268-4658

International: 82-19-9268-4658


Video of my students at Anione High School, Ulsan, South Korea

Music video of Anione School FestivalThis video was created by Microsoft Photo Story 3, a free program from Microsoft.

It lets you create movies from a collection of pictures. You can add a voice over or like in this case, simply add an MP3 as background music.

COST: Free !
COOL Factor: 10 out of 10

NOTE: If the video does not play make sure you are running the latest version of Windows Media Player. The current version is version 10. It can be found at Windows Media Player 10


Notes on WordPress installation

1. Make sure all PHP files are 755
2. When I had the blog folder in the CGI-BIN folder I would get an error 403

something about access forbidden, but when I moved the folder to the htdocs folder then it all worked OK.


Prostitution: 4% of Korean GDP

Interesting article. This article was written after the crackdown on prositution, right after one of the government economic think tanks said the crackdown might cause a drop of 1% in GDP next year.
Some of the article is reproduced below:

in the wake of the Korean government’s publishing of statistics showing that prostitution made up 4.1% of South Korea’s GDP. (The Korean YMCA estimates that the actual number may in fact be higher – at around 5%.) To look at this another way, the industries of forestry, agriculture, and fishing COMBINED add up to 4.4% of the GDP.