Horton hears a Who [Movie]

Want a good review of Horton hears a Who? … then you are at the wrong place.
What can I say. I like it, kids will love it. This is the sort of movie that little kids love and parents will learn to hate because they will hear it over and over.

Horton hears a Who.jpg

Horton, our hero

Horton Hears a Who 2.jpg

Mayor of the Who


2008 Giant CRX City Pro

Today I purchased my new bike. It’s a 2008 Giant CRX City Pro. What’s special about it is that it does not use a derailleur , it instead uses an 8 speed internal hub (Shimano Nexus)

My impressions based on one short ride home?
– The steering is twitchy! why? short wheelbase make turning easier, but high speed stability is lessen by this.
– Had some problems changing gears. Not totally unexpected, new bike, new problems – the gear still has to run in. But there are some funny sounds when using 3rd gear
– When you are pedalling it sounds like you are coasting on a derailleur normal bike
– Not sure if I like the handlebars, but I need more time to tell
– The tyres are are 700c (good) and inflate up to 120psi (my poor bum!, you really feel the bumps).. So not so good for going over curves.

It will be interesting one the bike runs in and I get used to riding it. It should be a fast bike