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GitHub – TheEconomist/covid-19-excess-deaths-tracker: Source code and data for The Economist’s covid-19 excess deaths tracker
2020 R Conference on Government – Speaker Videos
ggplot Wizardry Hands-On
Reed College | Data at Reed | R Resources
SDS 375: Syllabus
Using RSelenium to scrape a paginated HTML table
ggplot2tortutorials to help you master ggplot2. Each tutorial provides a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to create visualizations that go beyond the basics of ggplot2
ggplot2tor – The complete guide to scales
rstudio::global 2021 talks – RStudio
Exploring missing values in naniar. Really Good !
Using R Markdown to Track and Publish State Data | by Data@Urban | Apr, 2021 | Medium
Learn tidytext with my new learnr course | Julia Silge
Tutorial: Adding Open Street Map Data to Rayshader Maps in R – Rayverse Blog
GitHub – seankross/postcards: 💌 Create simple, beautiful personal websites and landing pages using only R Markdown.
What is RYouWithMe? | R-Ladies Sydney – intro to R
Using tuber • tuber
CRAN – Package readrba – Download and Tidy Data from the Reserve Bank of Australia
How to download YouTube data in R using “tuber” and “purrr” – Storybench
Custom Google Analytics Dashboards with R: Downloading Data | RStudio Blog
GitHub – thebioengineer/tidytuesdayR: Extract weekly TidyTuesday Data/Readme
.Rddj – Resources for doing data journalism with R
Karandeep Singh Lab – LHS 610
GitHub – wleepang/DesktopDeployR: A framework for deploying self-contained R-based applications to the desktop
a. Learning R · Joscelinrocha/Learning-R-Resources Wiki · GitHub
🎡 tidyexplain · Garrick Aden‑BuieTidy Animated Verbs to describes joins …. Very nice for teaching
Introduction to the Field of Statistics (and R)
UO Psych R Bootcamp
the ggplot flipbook
free range statistics – A good Australian blog on economics and other subjects with R being used for analysis and charting.
Leveling Up With The Tidyverse (And Hockey Data) | Meghan Hall

Closing 2020: A summer of ethics in data science education · Teach Data Science
learnR4free – Links to many learning resources
GitHub – iamericfletcher/awesome-r-learning-resources: A curated collection of free resources to help deepen your understanding of the R programming language. Updated regularly. Contributions encouraged via a pull request (see contributing.md).

Introduction to the Field of Statistics (and R)
R-Ladies Global – YouTube
How to Scrape Word Documents with R
How to Automate PowerPoint Slidedecks with R
Thematic Maps • tmap
Building an animation step-by-step with gganimate · Alex Cookson
Extract Images from PDFs
GitHub – sckott/pdfimager: Extract images from pdfs using poppler

Storybench from Northeastern University’s School of Journalism – Storybench

The Essence of Calculus, Chapter 1 – YouTube
Introduction to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Homepage | Media Manipulation Casebook
GitHub – srkobakian/sugarbag: An R package to create tessellated hexagon maps of Australia.


Personal Data Warehouses: Reclaiming Your Data – Github talk about dog sheep and Datasette
Dogsheep | dogsheep.github.io
Datasette: An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data
All of our data journalism in one spreadsheet | News | theguardian.com

Setup :: Modern Python Developer’s Toolkit
Introducing an Interactive Textbook for Cultural Analysis with Python – Melanie Walsh
Introduction to Cultural Analytics & Python — Introduction to Cultural Analytics & Python
GitHub – maxhumber/hickory: 🕰 The command line tool for scheduling Python scripts
facebookTranscripts/facebookTranscripts.py at master · lorenzoromani1983/facebookTranscripts · GitHub
GitHub – jasondixon5/healy_data_viz_port_to_python: A recreation of the plots in Kieran Healy’s book Data Visualization in Python
GitHub – abrignoni/iLEAPP: iOS Logs, Events, And Plist Parser


European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group – spreadsheet risk management and solutions conference

Raspberry Pi

Running a dockerized Shiny-Server on Raspberry Pi 4b Buster – shiny – RStudio Community
Setting up your own shiny-server / rstudio-server on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ – RStudio IDE – RStudio Community
Ghost Pi – 👻 🍰Ghost Pi is hosted on a Raspberry Pi and covers all you need to know to do the same, such as using custom domain names and a CDN to optimise your blog.
Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi (2nd Edition) Book – Electronic and software projects from Penguintutor.com
GitHub – openbook/shouldi-eink-display: Create a low powered, renewable generation forecast display with a Raspberry Pi Zero & Inky wHAT.


JaYoe World Tour Homepage | Follow Matt Cycling Around The World!

Wheelbuilding book for cycle wheels 7th Edition
Review: Rigida/Ryde Andra 30 Rim – CyclingAbout.com
How to Build a Strong Rohloff Wheel – CyclingAbout.com
Tour Aotearoa: Kopiko Aotearoa


Rapport: The Four Ways to Read People eBook: Alison, Emily, Alison, Laurence: Amazon.com.au: Kindle Store

今月から、スタジオジブリ作品の場面写真の提供を開始します – スタジオジブリ|STUDIO GHIBLI
Lots of pictures from studio Ghibli films

Watch Apple Refurb deals and save up to 40% – Refurb Tracker
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tik-tok – [why do adualts over 40 use ellipses so much](https://www.google.com.au/search?q=why+do+adualts+over+40+use+ellipses+so+much)

Grow your own with the Raspberry Pi for less than 30 dollars

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