Geotagging photos on the Mac

Was reading my email, and lo and behold, what pop into my inbox? Another bloody offer to buy yet more software.

This time HoudahGeo an application that has had tremendous reviews.

What does it do? It embeds GPS location data into your digital photos .. but it does it so well.

Here is a screen dump from my iPad showing the location of pictures taken in Seoul, South Korea. I used a standalone GPS to record my location and a special program which synced the GPS location to the photo by using the time stamp on the photo and in the GPS log.

The iPad is the best means of showing off photos I have ever seen. The only thing that beats it is a well put together scrapbook but that involves glue, scissors and “real” physical photos …. not my thing

Previously I had used Googles Picasso for the Mac to do this, see a review here

For an overview of Geotagging Geotagging and the Mac (1) – Basics is excellent