My Bike Friday is on the way

Not long ago I said I wanted a new bike, well it’s nearly here now

Tracking number 979485808207
Ship date Aug 18, 2008
Estimated delivery Aug 25, 2008 by 6:00 PM
Reference 109712B109180,1
Service type INTL Economy
Master tracking number 979485808170
Pieces 4 of 8
Status In transit
Date/Time Activity Location Details
Aug 20, 2008  9:10 PM In transit  ALEXANDRIA AU
 7:39 PM Clearance in progress ALEXANDRIA AU
 7:39 PM In transit ALEXANDRIA AU Package available for clearance
 7:31 PM Clearance delay ALEXANDRIA AU
 4:00 PM At dest sort facility MASCOT AU
Aug 19, 2008  10:08 AM In transit HONOLULU, HI
 3:14 AM Departed FedEx location LOS ANGELES, CA
Aug 18, 2008  11:51 PM Departed FedEx location OAKLAND, CA
 11:18 PM Arrived at FedEx location OAKLAND, CA
 5:47 PM Left FedEx origin facility SPRINGFIELD, OR
 4:45 PM Picked up SPRINGFIELD, OR
 12:00 AM Package data transmitted to FedEx

I have your bike order with Fed-Ex tracking #’s below.

Order I.D. #  109722     tracking #  979485808207

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