Memory Lane

PC Mag has an article 10 Classic Computer RPGs

It included one game based on D&D which I spent hundreds of lunchtimes at high school playing with four other guys – Wizardy

Wizardy RPG on an Apple Ice

I still remember killing an Orc with 7 hp with a tiltowait spell causing 85hp damage

Tiltowait is “somewhat like the detonation of a small tactical nuclear weapon. The party is protected from its effects. Unfortunately for the monsters, they are not. The spell causes 10-100 hit points of damage to all monsters. ”

Games you played when you were a child are like old Doctor Who episodes, best left to your memories because when you replay them you regret it. It destroys your memories and makes you think what bad taste you had, case in point the TV show Knight Rider


My first game of Baduk (Go)

Played my first game of Go 囲碁(Japan). It is also known as Baduk 바둑 in Korea and wéiqí 围棋 in China. It has a huge following with TV channels devoted to it.

Playing white, my position at the end game was … I suck! ZERO score, computer was 90.5 … still learning the strategy.

At least it is better then losing chess in four moves … that feat is embarrassing.
Being a Mac user I played the game using an excellent free Go program called Goban.
I also purchased an expensive, but hopefully good program for the iPad called SmartGo Kifu


Dual Monitors, not enough baby

On my new computer I have an AMD Radeon 6950 which support eyefinity. This is the ability to run 3 monitors (or more) as one virtual display.

In my case this means a display of 5040 x 1049. I have three monitors, all different,

Dell U2410 24” – 1920 x 1200
Samsung SyncMaster 24” – 1920 x 1080
Asus VW222 22” – 1920 x 1080

In an ideal world you would run the same brand model monitor. I would recommend 22” monitors b/c there is not much difference between a 22” and a 24” in terms of what you see, but the physical size of three 24” monitors on your desk is much larger.