2020 Music Listing Habits

My most played songs from 2020 according to Apple Music

The top 100 songs I played were:

  1. Toss a Coin to Your Witcher – Sonya Belousova, Giona Ostinelli & Joey Batey
  2. 임이 오는 소리 – GAIN & MINSEO
  3. Break – Beenzino
  4. If I Were a Boy – Beyoncé
  5. Champion – PSY
  6. Alive – Sia
  7. Piel Canela – Joséphine Baker
  8. Sinnerman (From “Lovecraft Country”) – Geek Music
  9. Me Gusta – Shakira & Anuel AA
  10. Love You Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez & The Scene
  11. We Don’t Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) – Charlie Puth
  12. Perfect Duet (with Beyoncé) – Ed Sheeran
  13. Way Back – Safira.K
  14. Superstar (feat. Michael Thomas Grant) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  15. Don’t Look Back – Boston
  16. Lover’s Concerto – Kelly Chen
  17. Paint It, Black – Ramin Djawadi
  18. Puttin’ on the Ritz – Taco
  19. Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles
  20. Fever – Peggy Lee
  21. Mando Is Back – Ludwig Göransson
  22. Enjoy the Fights – Ludwig Göransson
  23. Ojos Así – Shakira
  24. Addicted to You – Shakira
  25. Ring of Fire (Mono) – Johnny Cash
  26. Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [Remix] – Lil Nas X
  27. In Your Room – The Bangles
  28. Happier (feat. John Clarence Stewart & India de Beaufort) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  1. September Gurls – The Bangles
  2. Bangkok / One Night In Bangkok – Murray Head
  3. Let’s Stay Together (feat. Michael Thomas Grant) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  4. Crazy in Love (feat. Jay-Z) – Beyoncé
  5. Classical Gas – Mason Williams
  6. If She Knew What She Wants – The Bangles
  7. The Ponds of Sorgan – Ludwig Göransson
  8. Summer Time – Kelly Chen
  9. Perfect (feat. Peter Gallagher & Mary Steenburgen) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  10. Yeh, Yeh – Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames
  11. Bailamos (feat. Alex Newell & Patrick Ortiz) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  12. The Boy Is Mine (feat. Lauren Graham & Renée Elise Goldsberry) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  13. Say My Name (feat. India de Beaufort) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  14. Tusken Raiders – Ludwig Göransson
  15. I’m Yours (feat. Jane Levy) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  16. If I Can’t Have You (feat. Skylar Astin) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  17. Snacks – Ludwig Göransson
  18. All Those Years Ago – George Harrison
  19. Lover Boy – Clazziquai Project
  20. Off the Grid – Ludwig Göransson
  21. Lose Yourself (Soundtrack Version) – Eminem
  22. Popcorn – Hot Butter
  23. The Marshal’s Tale – Ludwig Göransson
  24. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) [feat. Skylar Astin] – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  25. The Sound Of Silence (feat. Peter Gallagher & Zak Orth) Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  26. Can I Feed Him? – Ludwig Göransson
  27. Get the Child – Ludwig Göransson
  28. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (feat. Stephanie Styles) Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  29. Here I Go Again (feat. Skylar Astin & John Clarence Stewart) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  30. I Will Follow Him (feat. Alex Newell) [Music From the Original TV Series] – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  31. I Want You to Want Me (feat. Jane Levy) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 60. Beneath the Ice – Ludwig Göransson
  32. Back Together – Ludwig Göransson
  33. Ship o hoj, Mandalorians! – Ludwig Göransson
  34. Training the Plebs – Ludwig Göransson
  35. Reunited – Ludwig Göransson
  36. American Pie (Music From the Original TV Series) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  37. Eternal Flame – The Bangles
  38. Stay – Ludwig Göransson
  39. Experiment – Ludwig Göransson
  40. Puttin’ on the Ritz 2017 (feat. tomX) [Jazzy Radio Mix] Taco
  41. A Little Less Conversation (feat. Mary Steenburgen) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  42. Rabiosa (feat. Pitbull) – Shakira
  43. Riddle of Steel / Riders of Doom – Basil Poledouris
  44. Quite a Soldier – Ludwig Göransson
  45. How Do I Live (feat. Jane Levy) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  46. Long Live the Empire – Ludwig Göransson
  47. La Luna – Belinda Carlisle
  48. Jealous (feat. John Clarence Stewart) [Music From the Original TV Series] – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  49. 失憶周末 – Kelly Chen
  50. Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) [feat. Peter Gallagher & Andrew Leeds] [Music From the Original TV Series] – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  51. Journey of the Sorcerer (From “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”) – Mark Ayres
  52. No Woman No Cry – Boney M.
  53. Camp Attack – Ludwig Göransson
  54. I’ve Got the Music in Me (feat. Jane Levy) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  55. Spirit of the Woods – Ludwig Göransson
  56. Mando Says Goodbye – Ludwig Göransson
  57. All of Me (feat. Skylar Astin) [Music From the Original TV Series] – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 87. Crazy (feat. Jane Levy) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  58. The Standoff – Ludwig Göransson
  59. Don’t Speak (feat. Kapil Talwalkar) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  60. Each Night in Bed I Think of Her Assets – Cho Young Wook & The Soundtrackings
  61. To the Jawas – Ludwig Göransson
  62. Livin’ Thing (2012 Version) – Electric Light Orchestra
  63. Invaders on Their Land – Ludwig Göransson
  64. Wrecking Ball (feat. Lauren Graham) – Cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  65. Jawas Attack – Ludwig Göransson
  66. It was Wrong to Come Here – Cho Young Wook & The Soundtrackings
  67. A Warrior’s Death – Ludwig Göransson
  68. The Story – Ludwig Göransson
  69. Love.Love.Love.Love – Susie Suh
  70. Let Me Tell You About Our Miss Hideko – Cho Young Wook & The Soundtrackings

Your 100 most listened songs have an average track duration of 3.2 minutes. All together, they have a total duration of 5.4 hours.

In total, you’ve listened to your Top 100 songs 41.4 hours this year (that’s 2484 minutes).

(That’s the number of times you’ve listened to each song in full, without skipping.)


Korea by Bike is a new website which details all the major bike paths in Korea.

Well worth a look


Site is back up after 185 days

Why? I didn’t have anything to say and renewing the site would cost either too much money or require me to think (too much)

I just didn’t feel like it.

But VenturaIP now have their Oktoberfest 2021 Sale – Get 70% off all new hosting services!

So $36 AUD for one years hosting is a great bargain.

This year it was very easy to get the website up and running because I had a complete backup of the website via an export as well as a backup of the wp-contents/uploads folder where all the images are stored.

The only thing problem I had was WordPress didn’t see all the old media in its media browser because I had FTP to the new site.
Solution: Media Sync plugin which is a “simple plugin to scan uploads directory and bring files to Media Library.”

I also restarted the blog last year, see below:


More bobiverse

It seems I am a big Dennis Taylor fan, In less then a week after devouring the first two books in the series I polished off the third: All These Worlds

All These Worlds (Bobiverse Book 3) eBook: Taylor, Dennis ...

With no more bobiverse books until October I listened to the first of his new series: Outland

OUTLAND – Dennis E. Taylor

Outland is set in the present when there is an eruption of a super volcano under Yellowstone national park.
Our heroes have invented a portal to a multiverse, where there are alternative versions of Earth. The Earth they flee too is one where man is not present.
So mega fauna is still present such as sabre tooth tigers, mammoths, and giant sloths.



Book 2 of the bobiverse series – For We Are Many

Just finished listening to the first two books of the bobiverse.

Listening to a book is different to reading but the joy of reading or listening is the same.

I get my audible books through audible. I was going to cancel my subscription but I want to listen to the third book in the series.
So I will use my next credit to buy the third book and then cancel.
## NOPE ##
Was looking at the kindle edition of the third book and you can grab the audible edition with it for AUD $10.10 … which is cheaper then using your monthly credit of $16.
So I then went to cancel my audible subscription and one of the offers they gave me was half price ($8) for the next three months.

As much as I dislike amazon / audible because of their treatment of workers and their effect on small businesses I spend a LOT of money with them because their service and price is very hard to ignore.

After selling his software company, looking forward to a life of leisure, and signing up to have his head cryogenically preserved in case of death, Bob Johansson promptly gets himself killed crossing the street. Upon waking up 117 years later, he discovers that the afterlife is mind-blowing: his consciousness has been uploaded into a sentient space probe with self-replicating powers. In a flash, Bob starts cloning himself at an alarming rate. The addictively geeky fun that made We Are Legion (We Are Bob) Audible’s Best Sci-Fi Book of 2016 continues in For We Are Many and All These Worlds. As the trilogy and hilarity progresses, the Bobs must deal with rival Brazilian space probes, a fledgling space-faring species that sees all other life forms as food, the mysteries of artificial intelligence and deep space, and political squabbles on Earth. And, oh yeah, being worshipped as a sky god and keeping the peace with his girlfriends.

Book 1 of the bobiverse series – We are Legion (We are Bob)


Web Links


GitHub – willmcgugan/rich: Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal.
Advanced football analytics: building and applying a pitch control model in python. – YouTube
GitHub – twintproject/twint: An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool written in Python that doesn’t use Twitter’s API, allowing you to scrape a user’s followers, following, Tweets and more while evading most API limitations.

Interacting with files in Python
No Really, Python’s Pathlib is Great | Red’s Digressions
No really, pathlib is great – Trey Hunner
PyFilesystem is greater than or equal to Pathlib – PyFilesystem
Welcome to PyFilesystem2’s documentation! — PyFilesystem 2.4.11 documentation
PyFilesystem 2.1.0 adds concurrent uploads / downloads and support for globbing
Filesystem Magic with Python
PyFilesystem is greater than or equal to Pathlib
Filesystem Magic with Python

The Flask Mega-Tutorial Part I: Hello, World! –
Apple Watch faces and their features – Apple Support
Introduction to Python – Learn | Microsoft Docs
GitHub – microsoft/c9-python-getting-started: Sample code for Channel 9 Python for Beginners course
Bunch –
Don’t Get Lost in Translation: Using Google Translate in Alfred – Alfred Blog
EPA AirWatch | Environment Protection Authority Victoria
GNU Emacs – GNU Project
Input: Fonts for Code — Info
GitHub – aletisunil/Whatsapp_Spam: A python script to text the entire movie script one word at a time through whatsapp using selenium
GitHub – jstockwin/py-pdf-parser



Article Directory –

Below is a list of cycling resources I copied and pasted from somewhere … If I remembered where I would give credit.

AMA Schedule & Archive – The schedule of upcoming & archive of previous xbiking AMAs
Scheduled Discussion Prompt Submission – Submit topic ideas for scheduled discussions in r/xbiking here!
Scheduled Discussion Archive – An explanation & archive of the Scheduled Discussion posts made sporadically in the sub
General Chat Room – The general chat room for all the chillers in xbiking
IRL Riding Chat Room – This is a chat room designed to facilitate IRL meet-ups and rides among xbiking members. Let’s see how useful it is!
Stickers – Cop xbiking / Super Nice stickers here. PM u/RipVanBinkle to swap for your own stickers!
What is xbiking? – A thread addressing the sub’s most frequently asked question
Xbiking Strava – The Strava for all the interested chillers in xbiking
@xbiking – The xbiking Instagram account
Toolshed – An editable xbiking resource for all things related to DIY bike mechanics, repair, modification, etc. Add to it!
Gear Recommendations – An editable resource for gear recommendations created by the xbiking community. Find gear and add your own suggestions!
LBS Recommendations – An editable resource for LBS recommendations created by the xbiking community. Find a solid LBS, and add your own recommendation!
Ride Recommendations – An editable resource for ride recommendations created by the xbiking community. Find cool rides and routes, and add your own recommendations!
Related Websites
650b Google Group – Google forum for discussion surrounding 650b and related topics
Bike Counterculture – The self-described “third-best bicycle website on the internet.” A collection of bike enthusiasts with interesting opinions about relevant xbiking topics
Bike Insights – A powerful tool for understanding and comparing bike design and fit, with an appreciation for the sorts of bikes you’ll find in this sub – Bikepacking focused website with relevant adventure biking content
CyclingAbout – The expansive project of “Allee,” a perpetual bike tourer and bike-travel enthusiast
Gravel Cyclist – Gravel grinding news, updates, and reviews
Off the Beaten Path – The heavily opinionated and thoroughly enjoyable blog of biking personality Jan Heine (Bike Quarterly, Compass Tires)
The Paceline Forum – Expansive forum covering a wide range of biking topics, with increasingly prevalent xbiking related content
The Radavist – Rubber side up. Rad biking culture magazine with a focus on xbiking themes
Riding Gravel – Gravel grinding news, updates, and reviews
Super Nice Blog – My own blog-style website featuring related xbiking content, an AMA catalog, and other resources
Whatbars – Useful tool to review and compare handlebars
Related YouTube Channels
Bike Radar – General biking channel with increasingly plentiful and relevant adventure/gravel content
Global Cycling Network – Road bike focused channel with increasingly plentiful and relevant adventure/gravel content
Global Mountain Bike Network – Mountain bike focused channel beginning to dabble in adventure biking content
The Path Less Pedaled – The supple life. An active and informative channel conducted by adventure and gravel bike enthusiast Russ and his partner and sometimes-collaborator Laura
Related Print Reading
Bicycle Quarterly – A (not free) physical magazine edited by Jan Heine (also the founder of Compass Tires) that deals with several xbiking themes, with roots in randonneuring


Tribe – On Homecoming and Belonging

Just finished listening to Tribe by Sebastian Junger. I found the authors take on what is missing from modern society compelling. It is a very short book at 196 pages or less than three hours for the audio version. The amazon page for the book sums it up better than I can:

… a book about why men miss war, why Londoners missed the Blitz, and what we can all learn from American Indian captives who refused to go home.
Tribe is a look at post-traumatic stress disorder and the challenges veterans face returning to society. Using his background in anthropology, Sebastian Junger argues that the problem lies not with vets or with the trauma they’ve suffered, but with the society to which they are trying to return.
One of the most puzzling things about veterans who experience PTSD is that the majority never even saw combat—and yet they feel deeply alienated and out of place back home. The reason may lie in our natural inclination, as a species, to live in groups of thirty to fifty people who are entirely reliant on one another for safety, comfort and a sense of meaning: in short, the life of a soldier.
It is one of the ironies of the modern age that as affluence rises in a society, so do rates of suicide, depression and of course PTSD. In a wealthy society people don’t need to cooperate with one another, so they often lead much lonelier lives that lead to psychological distress. There is a way for modern society to reverse this trend, however, and studying how veterans react to coming home may provide a clue to how to do it.

From amazon page for book

Talking to Strangers

Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don't Know

A very entertaining book, but I feel it doesn’t really go anywhere other then to say what we already know.
– strangers lie, and we are not very good at detecting this.

It was like listening to a very long episode of Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast. Always entertaining, but in this case without a strong actionable conclusion.

Talking to Strangers
What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know


I am listening

I have been reading a few books or I should say listening to audio books.

Thank You for My Service cover art
The autobiography of Mat Best by Mat Best, a very funny anti-PC book about his life so far. Inspiring, and more importantly funny. Well worth listening too. Just like his YouTube channel –>
Funny 🙂 and inspiring because he created a YouTube empire and a coffee company, all the while having a lot of fun
The Terminal List cover art
The first in a trilogy of books about a navy seal written by a former navy seal.
There is an almost pornographic level of detail about the weapons used by the protagonist of the story. The plot is enjoyable. Well worth a listen, but I don’t think they match the Bourne series or Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan books & movies True Believer: A Novel (2) (Terminal List ...

The third book is Savage Son.


R 4.0

R 4.0 is out Friday, April 24 (American time), so Saturday for me.
It seems I will have to install all my packages for R again. To find out what packages you have, run this R code:

ip <-[,c(1,3:4)])
rownames(ip) <- NULL
ip <- ip[$Priority),1:2,drop=FALSE]
print(ip, row.names=FALSE)

To uninstall R:
1. Delete the R app in the applications folder and empty the trash.
2. sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/R.framework

Now, install R 4.0

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